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dfzr1328 03-15-2012 05:50 PM

dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers
hi im a 29 yr old male i thought i was healthy till this dizziness started this has been going on for aprox 3 and a half weeks now out of the blue i felt great before this happen i got out of bed one morning and the feeling of dizziness and a somewhat hard to focus on things feeling hit me its with me for most of the day and much better while lieing down almost gone.i had my eyes checked a week ago and im nearsided but not bad prescription is -.50 for a couple days the glasses seemed to help out some.i went to my medical doctor a couple days ago and she thinks im suffering from anxiety i get nervous and my heart starts to race in certain situations and i have alot on my mind lately but i cant see this being related to anxiety if anything the dizziness is causing anxiety and me being nervous because i dont no what it is and never had anything like it in my life.i went for some blood work and im waiting for the results as of now today i tried bonine chewables because ive heard the main ingredient can help with dizziness but im not sure it has done anything.any help will be appreciated, when the dizziness gets worse i feel fatigued and i have been laying down alot because i feel much better when im laying

dfzr1328 03-16-2012 04:18 PM

Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers
blood results came back today besides sugar being slightly elevated but not much at all everything looks good i was also given a prescription for meclizine but hasnt seem to work

Lulubells 03-27-2012 07:29 PM

Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers
There are any number of things that can cause you to be dizzy and the anxiety one is a easy answer for the doctors. I have Migraine Associated Vertigo and BPPV and I feel completely normal when I am laying down also..

I started on the doctor merry go round (as I call it) in July 2010 and saw a number of doctors before I got diagnosed in December. I am STILL dizzy and having problems and now, unemployed because the job I had does not allow anyone with balance or dizzy issues on the job..

My eyesight comes and goes, that, I understand is part of the MAV. The first thing I did was go see my eye doctor and I just went and saw her again a year later because of the vision problem for assurances again to prove a point with one of my neuro doctors. One minute it is clear and sharp, the next it will be blurried... According to the eye doctor, there is no problem with my eyes..

OK, I am almost 2 years into this, I have seen so many doctors, (specialists) and have a list of them that I see on a regular basis. NONE of them DO anything but ask me how I have been since the last visit. I am on only 1 medication, I still get dizzy, have balance issues, ear pressure and all sorts of eye and other problems and most of what I have learned about MAV & BPPV, I have learned on the internet. SO, good luck to you!

UKdeb 03-29-2012 06:21 AM

Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers
hi there.i woke up like you with dizziness in December .spent a week in bed.i am from the tv so went to my doctors and said i had labyrinthits. given some i stemetil .i have had a mri on my brain and inner ears and all ok.i am dizzy all day no hearing loss slight ringing in my right ear no vision loss. very debilitating as you know.ent said had a virus of inner ear and will get better in time now three you only time not dizzy is when lying down or driving.reason being you are not using your inner ear to balance makes sense.
see an ent to put your m.ind at rest.i have now got anxiexy from this not the other way will go away in time he said within six months.i walk and walk and this will retrain your brain not to accept the bad signals from inner ear.
please do not worry.i know other people like you and i win have got better.take care remember you are not alone deb

misty lynn 04-01-2012 09:32 AM

Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers
hello...i too have suffered from this condition.whatever it is. I haven't got a diagnosis. Only "could" be migraines. Which is very frustrating. About 3 years ago I was just having a conversation on my couch w a friend..and all of a sudden I felt dizzy like I was gonna fall back. And so every since that day it hasn't stopped. I can wake up feeling fine but as soon as I get busy at work or doing whatever, most of the time, I feel dizzy and tired...and even out of it somtimes. I have develped a high sensitiviy to light..and even being on my computer right now makes me feel weird. It's hard to explain it to people. But usually my computer makes it worse..and even makes me feel I'm in another world.
I have been to ENT specialist, in which they found nothing. I have been to specialist and have had about every inner ear test possible, in which proved not to be my inner ear. Which leads me back to the neurologist. I've tried amitriptiline and normitriptiline. The amitriptiline seemed to help with my symtoms for awhile but always comes back. the normitriptiline made my pulse race too much. So I just went off both of them cuz I'm so frustrated with never feeling good and nothing helping. I don't know what else to do but come on these message boards and see that there are others who can relate..and i'm not crazy. I have had an MRI and showed nothing. So I just take my life one day, one minute at a time. Which is really depressing. Thanx for the posts. :)

always ill 04-01-2012 10:09 AM

Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers
I too have same symtoms with dizziness loss of balance ,headaches / pain . ringing ears with loss of balance .
I also have a problem with when i eat i have painful pressure under breast and into my shoulder an arms . no one can figure it out .
I am getting so frustrated with it all and on top of that , i also get loose bowels after eating , every day .
my Dr thinks im just making up symptoms . now i have high anixity , i'm just plain wore out

misty lynn 04-01-2012 10:43 AM

Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers
I know how that can go to the doctor over and over..and no answers..and they think you are making it up..even people think that. Until you go through it, you can't understand it. Try to stay positive friend. God Bless.

glechuga 04-11-2013 11:51 AM

Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers
Hi all, has anyone discovered anything that made you feel beter? I just started with the same symptoms about 3 Months ago. Thank You.

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