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Dizziness, blurred vision, heavy head, nausea, neck pain

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Academy1 HB User
Dizziness, blurred vision, heavy head, nausea, neck pain

Hello. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with a sinus infection a few months ago (along with a fullness/pressure in her ears). Dr. put her on antibiotics (Augmentin first, then a Z-Pak). Subsequently, she was put on steroids and it was then that she started to feel better. Recently, she has been experiencing blurred vision (trouble focusing), dizziness (like she's on a cruise ship), "spacy feeling", foggy head, nausea, neck pain (at the base of her skull) and "heavy head" (neck muscles/back of head weakness). She says the dizziness (which is constant) is the most bothersome symptom. She is not always nauseous when she is dizzy. MRI of her brain was negative. She has severe degenerative disc disease in her neck. She saw neuro (who prescribed physical therapy for her) and was going to review the CT scan of her neck before her next appointment. She had an initial therapy evaulation yesterday and said that her symptoms were worse today (not incapicitating). She was in a car accident in 1985 where her head struck the steering wheel. At that time she wasn't diagnosed with whiplash, but my initial thoughts now is that she is having delayed symtoms. There are no balance issues.

I have done research and, to date, no diagnosis really stands out. (I've thought of Ménière's disease, vertebral artery compression, disc herniation, cervicogenic dizziness) but none of them totally fit her symptoms.

Her physical therapist feels it's from years of bad posture (working at a computer desk with her neck flexed). She sees neuro in 3 weeks for an interpretation of her neck CT scan. In the meantime she's frustrated and tired of being sick and just wants to feel better.


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vertigoagain HB User
Re: Dizziness, blurred vision, heavy head, nausea, neck pain

Hi Academy,

Have you researched Atlas Orthogonal?

I fell onto my butt on pavement and then whiplashed the back left side of my head over 2.5 years ago. I started getting fuzzy feelings in the morning about 2 days later but they went away within 10 minutes or so. About a month later the fuzzy/dizzy feelings stayed put for hours and I went to the ER to see if I had a brain bleed from the fall. After lots of assessments (including a CT scan) they sent me home and said the feelings I had were not a cause of the traumatic fall. As if :-)

A few months later I had two significant episodes where I thrust my head back and then forward in a hearty laugh and both times I felt like my world locked in front of my eyes. It was the most awful feeling and the episodes lasted for 3-5 days. About a year after the accident I started getting visual disturbances where I felt floaty, my eyes wouldn't track objects correctly, extremely tired from trying to compensate, bothered by movements around me, bothered by sounds and lights/busy patters etc. Sometimes I had nausea but not every time. My neck was always really tight and when I would get massages it would cause me to have severe symptoms for up to 5 days so I just quit getting massages all together. I had lots of trouble getting my hair washed at the salon or lifting my head slightly off a pillow and looking directly above me was out of the question for my eyes and neck. I also slept close to 80 degrees off the bed and could not figure out where I was spatially in the dark.

I saw a Neurologist ('nothing excited him about me' and he said that was a good thing! Gee, thanks), ENT, Neurotologist, balance therapist, Otologist, Acupuncturist, and Crania-Sacral therapist (this procedure made things WAY worse for me and my final session caused an extreme feeling of firing neurons up my spine and in my head. I couldn't function right for 4 days). I used Meclazine, Zofran, Trans-derm patch for plane rides/boat rides and all it did was mask the symptoms for a little while but never stopped my body from getting spell after spell. They ruled out Meinere's, a superior canal dehiscence, BPVV, and they were going to explore my inner ear for a fistula but THEY felt very confident I didn't have any of the classic fistula symptoms.

About 3 weeks ago I saw a great forum on a Meinere's site where a guy name Hank had huge success with his Meinere's from NUCCA (also called Atlas Orthogonal - the more precise of the two methods) I found a wonderful doctor in Austin and have had 6 sessions so far. My x-ray showed that my Atlas (C1) was 7 millimeters higher on the left, my whole neck was shifted about 1/2 inch to the left, my C2 was pulling to the right, and I had a stair step between C6 and C7. The Atlas orthogonal procedure is done with a mathematical equation to align the patient's specific misalignment. The doctor has a specialized bed and uses an attached arm that has a large shot looking thing. It pushes 6 pounds of force (you hardly feel it at all) into the precise position necessary to move the atlas. No cracking or twisting of any kind. After my first adjustment we did new x-rays and my atlas was only 1 millimeter off (we keep working to get it even), my neck moved to the center, the C2 moved back to normal and the stair step disappeared. ALL of my neck pain vanished within 20 seconds. I can look directly above me and I can't quit doing it.....I'm just elated to have this function back. I can view crossing cars and fast moving trains without a visual disturbance and I can actually feel my eyes naturally tracking the vehicles to allow me to take in the movements again!!! I can close my eyes while standing and actually stay still which was not the case pre Atlas work. Lastly, I can sleep way lower down on the bed and on either side (before I rarely slept facing my left side).

The doctor and I see each other quite often since it's normal for the body to 'go back to the bad position' after the procedure due to the lack of muscle memory on my left side.. My atlas is now holding on it's own for about 3 days and each week I am seeing lots of progress. Even when the atlas pulls out of place the symptoms are FAR less severe and getting to the point where I question if I'm even 'off' or not. She says the first 3 weeks are the worst as my body is adapting. By month 3 I'll be seeing her a lot less and my body will be strong enough to introduce some activities I love. (Softball, mountain biking, basketball, and racquetball to name a few)

Sorry for the long reply but I am over come with joy at the idea of having ME back and can't help but share in this discovery.

I really hope your sister in law can find some sort of solution. I know too well how this can cripple a person physically/mentally/emotionally. Not to mention the toll on loved ones and family who are trying to support the person inflicted.

Best wishes

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