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Wobbles08 05-20-2012 06:44 PM

When to see ENT?
So here is my little story, ok maybe not so little. Just over two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Viral Labyrinthitis after a nasty flu. I woke up thinking I had just had a big night drinking which was strange since I don't drink. Went to hospital emergency where they saw the nystagmus and diagnosed me. Was in bed for the next 3 days only able to get up with my husband's help. After that I was able to get around the house ok but still very off balance. Only got to start showering standing up late last week. While most of my symptoms seem to be gone I am still getting very jumpy vision when I am outside. I am finding it hard to negotiate crossing roads because when I look both ways before I cross I have to wait a moment for my eyes to catch up with my head movements or I feel off balance. The only way I can describe what I see when I am walking down the street is that it looks like I am looking through a video camera (jumpy). I am wondering how long I should wait for this symptom to go away before I look into seeing an ENT? I am fine in my little house but outside is very different. I understand it can take weeks or months to get back to normal with some unfortunate sufferers taking years. Just wondering when is long enough before I start to worry about long term?

wellyoulookfine 05-21-2012 12:47 PM

Re: When to see ENT?
Hi Wobbles08. I kinda decided my response before even reading your post - you've got to arrange to see an ENT as soon as possible. In some cases, a GP will diagnose viral labyrinthitis as a first option because it can be treated with meds and many people dont have further problems after that. But (not to scare you, purely for having time on your side to get this sorted) there is absolutely nothing to be gained by leaving it too long.

From a psychological point of view (not a psychologist) you've already acknowledged that you're fine in you're little house - kinda sounds like you're maybe already seeking refuge at home and thinking twice about venturing out because of the symptoms (been there)? Please address that asap cos it may take over if your symptoms take a while to subside.

The jumpy vision/nystagmus thing - really common with many of the inner ear/vertigo problems described on here so please try not to panic about it. But, one thing to acknowledge is that all of the symptoms together can cause fatigue, and in turn the fatigue worsens the symptoms so try not to put too much pressure on yourself. But PLEASE, dont put of seeing an ENT. And the whole question about it potentially beiing longterm - it's amazing how resilient we are! I dont want to sound condescending - it's just that many of the posts on here represent how sufferers are feeling on a particularly bad day (i usually post on a bad/panicky/depressed day), or a particularly good day, but you will manage through it. Most people get this problem sorted out quickly and dont end uup having to post on a forum so please bear in mind that us longtermers are in the minority. Good luck!

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