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deftoniano 05-25-2012 11:58 AM

Help me- Neuritis vestibular
Hello i am a Spanish boy recently diagnosed with vestibular neuritis. My symptoms started a month and a half.

These symptoms are: I spend all day and "in other world" confusion, inability to focus well in markets.Continous Irealidad sensation.

These symptoms are from the moment I wake until I go to bed. Apart from the feeling of "in other worl" every time I move my head or I'm moving, I feel like my perception is changed, ie things are not my head still and move if not moving when I move my head .

Are these symptoms normal vestibular neuritis?

My question is because these symptoms started suddenly one evening while on the computer. I the night before I begin these symptoms marijuana consumers but in the morning I woke up and it was perfect until the afternoon when the symptoms began.

Could have been related to marijuana? so although I was diagnosed with right unilateral hypofunction associated with neuritis I think it really could be a depression or psychogenic dizziness.

The caloric test results:

44L (left ear to 44 degrees) freq =52 spv = 14,1
44R (right ear to 44 degrees) freq = 36 spv = -6.9

30L 41 freq = -18.2 spv
30R freq = 44 spv = 12,5

spontaneous: 0

SPV un weakr : 25 %
So here the doctor said it was a right unilateral hypofunction of 25%.

The three tests also made ​​me more:

1 - vemps (100 decibels): results right ear p1 = n1 = 27.67 17.33 = 34.66 amp

left ear p1 = n1 = 18.67 12.67 = 48.14 amp

2-audiometry: normal

3 - Test Impulsive Cephalic: the doctor saw that by doing so the eye is directed to the left. (The saw using a vectonistamografia)

I have 23 years, I'm allergic to pollen. more concerned with what I have is the feeling of "being out of touch" some blurred vision especially when there is less light that makes me feel weird in dim light.

I am currently rehabbing with the Semont ball.

Could be linked with depression all from the consumption of marijuana?

When I was little I had infection in right ear, I think I have been hypofunction always have and therefore, these results also did a little 25% is not it?

Additional information: I have not had spontaneous nystagmus at any time. I did a brain scan (CT) and came out normal. Normal blood analysis.

In no time I had nausea, vomiting and imbalance. My balance is perfect

My doctor says it's vestibular neuritis neuritis but on the first day imbalance causes nausea and I have not had those symptoms.

Only continuous dizziness, feeling drunk to go, be gone, blurred vision especially at night.these symptoms are worse in supermarkets or in places with many lights or movement

I can not remove or night or day. Any advice?

wellyoulookfine 05-30-2012 02:02 AM

Re: Help me- Neuritis vestibular
Hi Deftoniano. Vestibular neuritis is a common initial diagnosis when dizziness/imbalance symptoms suddenly affect a person whom has had no previous or recent ear problem or head trauma. Some of your symptoms seem similar to mine, and its extremely common to report worsening symptoms in a supermarket/mall/market because there are so many bright lights, colours and movement around you - too much information for your eyes to absorb. I also have never had nystagmus or nausea (except when in a car). I feel like i'm "in another world" and that worsens in dim light (difficulty with lack of contrasting light?). After years of research i now know my eyes cause my symptoms, not my inner ear.
If you feel instinctively that your eyes and vision are the cause and not your inner ear, then research visual vertigo, visual processing, sensory processing and vertical heterophoria as Ifanner suggested.

Good luck!

deftoniano 05-30-2012 09:02 AM

Re: Help me- Neuritis vestibular
The problem with these symptoms is that you cause the peude vestibular problem, but also verticle heterophoria and most commonly a depression.

In my case, I'm improving. In shopping centers increasingly focus better, and I get dizzy a lot less. The problem is that the feeling of being "unrealistic" and confusion I was not even removed.

My oto-neurologist, saw a small deficil in caloric tests. HIT test Was positive towards my right side is I have the small deficil dodne.

Heterophoria cases are very uncommon. The masked depression also lead to increased visual dependence.

In my case I feel if a problem comes from the ear, could be depression. The ophthalmologist and saw me and rule out any pathology of the vision

biteneck 07-03-2012 12:51 PM

Re: Help me- Neuritis vestibular
Hi deftoniano:
I was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis in May and have not felt right since Feb. 2012. I have the dream-like state feeling alot during the day. I noticed that especially in stores I feel really weird like my brain is having mini seizures or something. Yesterday while at Walmart, they dimmed a lot of their lighting and I felt really weird in the head for a little bit. I felt like I started feeling better when outside. I was also diagnosed with vestibular migraine in June. Doctor gave me Depakote to take but I have not started on it yet. I'm praying this clears up soon as I miss being able to feel myself and confidant especially with driving. I feel very depressed when alone because I don't feel comfortable being able to do things by myself in fear of passing out. I pray you feel better soon. Please keep me posted. Thanks!

deftoniano 07-04-2012 07:26 AM

Re: Help me- Neuritis vestibular
I update my case. I am very slightly better. Continuing with the feeling of unreality / continuous dreaming.

In the last appointment with my oto-neurology, found that I have no nystagmus with agitation cephalic maneuver (HIT, nystagmus ervocado shaking the head) and also my caloric tests are normal (remember that I had a 25% hypofunction)

I continue with the symptoms

My doctor explained to me that although my vestibular system and has recovered completely, because I have no nystagmus and mi caloric test is normal (hypofunction 5 %, normal)

I am very concerned because I do not understand why with a sensation of drinking and dreaming if my hearing has already been recovered. Did I read that sometimes you may see a migraine condition is so?

On the other hand, my doctor said many times that depression / anxiety associated with neuritis, and it's probably me. My ear was healed but I still have anxiety and depression according to my doctor. He has sent me Sibelium 1 month and return to your inquiry.

biteneck what if you have been diagnosed with vestibular neuritis, as you may now tell you that you have vestibular migraine?

According to I have understood if you have a hypofunction and nystagmus can not have vestibular migraine. And vestibular migraine causes recurrent vertigo, dizziness besides, you have recurrent vertigo or dizziness and brain fog only?

biteneck 07-05-2012 06:45 AM

Re: Help me- Neuritis vestibular
I am not quite sure about my nystagmus if I have it. I do know that they found inner ear dsyfunction with the rotary chair and 25% weakness in caloric testing.

Did you say that you had a caloric testing before that showed a weakness but now shows that you are healed from it? If this is true, how long did it take to get healed?

My neuro-otologist told me that he agrees that I have vestibular neuritis that is still compensating. I saw a neurologist to check my head and he said it could also be vestibular migraine. Another term is new daily headache and the neurologist said that I could have two things going on.

While at Wal-Mart the other day, they turned down some lighting and it made my head feel really weird and disorienting to me. That scares me and makes me afraid to go out on my own.

Please let me know if you find anything else out.

Feel great soon!

deftoniano 07-05-2012 09:21 AM

Re: Help me- Neuritis vestibular
Do rehabilitation in clinic, or by yourself?

I havent got nystagmus with the rotatory chair(now) and caloric testing out normal (not before). But I still have symptoms, so I'm worried.

biteneck 07-06-2012 06:23 AM

Re: Help me- Neuritis vestibular
When did you have your caloric testing the first time? What was the weakness? Then when did you have the caloric testing the second time? What was that weakness if any?

I only went to vestibular rehabilitation 2 times maybe three but I think only 2 times. I didn't do much while there like actually doing therapy for the whole hour. The therapist pretty much just gave me some exercises to do at home but I haven't been doing them much at all. I know I should but just haven't. Besides, I heard that doing things around the house and walking and just doing everyday things is good compensation.

I pray you start to feel better and I do too. I have heard that VN can last for up to a year or so. So hopefully it goes fast! God bless and hope you get better quickly with a fast recovery!

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