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briansgirl0506 06-14-2012 03:49 PM

Ear infection Vertigo/meniers/panic/help!

I was recently diagnosed with vertigo too--I had an ear infection very bad and woke up with my world spinning so I went to dr who said I had vertigo because my ear was clogged and infected. He wouldn't clean it out because he didn't want to rupture my ear drum but told me to go back in a week--went back and still clogged and infected--gave me antibiotic pills and ear drops and antivert for dizziness because I had another verigo experience. Go back the following week infection gone but ear still feels clogged so he cleaned it out with hot water syringe and said I should be fine and to keep taking antivert and sudafed because he saw fluid in the other ear that wasn't infected. Ok so another few days later I was at work and got vertigo again--maybe due to my anxiety Idon't know. My ears are clear. So I go to an ENT and they do hearing test and said I have high pitch hearing loss in left ear--the infected one but only mild. She wanted to do the ENG test to see if I have Menniers--the test cost 1600 dollars--I don't have insurance. So I talk to my reg dr again and he says don't do the test and to treat as if menniers even though he doesn't think that is what it is. so low salt diet no caffienne. Ok and I looked up in a nutrtion book and all these vitamins are good too--B complex 100mg 3 x a day, ginkgo biloba, vitamin c and something else I can't think of the name. and an herbal liquid mixture for dizziness. So I start taking all these and still feel off--didn't have full blown vertigo but was off balance and a nervous wreck the entire day---called dr and he is giving me a prescription for Xanax. I am so confused with all that is going on with me--one day I was fine the next I am not. Will I ever be again???
Not sure what to do anymore--I have 3 small kids to take care of too!

tinymom05 06-26-2012 08:22 PM

Re: Ear infection Vertigo/meniers/panic/help!
I can't write alot now but i am going through the same thing as you and my ENT just gave me a hearing test and told me my nerve is dying in my right ear. I am off balance, vertigo at times, almost blackouts and tingling in my right hand and foot. I took Xanax way before this started happening and it doesn't do anything for me as far as the vertigo and ear problems as i take it for anxiety. I hope it works for you though. I think i have meniers as well.

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