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Over 6 months with dizzyness, Stomach issues and lightheadedness

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Ministriel HB User
Unhappy Over 6 months with dizzyness, Stomach issues and lightheadedness

Dear members of this forum

im posting this in desperation

In late feburary start march i endured alot of stress due to the fact that i thought i had been infected with HIV, During this stress it suddently felt like i was hit by something mentally, and i became dizzy and started to get stomach issues.

I have been tested negative for HIV at 3, 6 and 9 months (i had one negative test prior to the stress period) Several doctors and a HIV hotline tell me that the time means i do not have the HIV virus in my body. I have accepted this and am attempting to move on.

But i am still dizzy, feel lightheaded and have stomach issues, which i cannot seem to escape, i am very frustrated about this and it is ruining my life, i try to relax as much as possible to eliminate the stress factor, but this is not always easy.
i also get alot of air up from my stomach and acid reflux

My dizzyness gets worse if i eat fatty foods, so i try to stay away from this.
Example: Earlier today i ate a hotdog and started to feel really crap

i have been seen by 15 different doctors (and counting) including a gastric doctor, 2 ear doctors, an acupuncturist, and have been admitted to a Hospital.

during those ventures, ive had a stomach examination with a tube, where they found small cuts in my stomach, i went 1 and a half months on Proton pump inhibitors (Omeprazole, Pansoprazole, andLansoprazole family) and have had a MRI of my brain, both with and without contrast. Nothing found and still feel crap.

it should also be noted that after 3-4 months i got this weird reddish rash on my right hand which doesnt itch, and doesnt go away.

Can anybody help me? Im at my wits end and am inches away from losing my job my girl and my life..

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Trysha HB User
Re: Over 6 months with dizzyness, Stomach issues and lightheadedness

I am not sure what your condition you are experiencing, but it sounds like vertigo, which causes nausea. Relax. There is no panacea for this disorder, except time and/or balance excercise/Antivert. Best to you.

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Re: Over 6 months with dizzyness, Stomach issues and lightheadedness

hi, I have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue and addison's disease. I have been dealing with dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, (along with my other disease symptoms) for over 3 months. I went to my primary care and they put me on prilosec OTC twice a day it helped for a while with the nausea but then it got really bad.

A month ago I started seeing a chinese medicine dr. and she used acupuncture and gave me chinese herbs and recommended I go on a gluten-free diet. YESTERDAY I finally started coming around (knock on wood). I was sick I'm telling ya, bed ridden. Yesterday am I went out for the day with a friend and had a blast. Now today I'm a little tired but still no nausea or dizziness. Plus I had a normal stool this am (sorry tmi I know).

Maybe you should try a gluten-free diet? You would be surprised what wheat will do to our bodies. its expensive and it took me about a week of research before I even went grocery shopping. I'm still learning.

I hope you feel better soon. Maybe give it a try. It does take some time to work, but some folks it takes one week! some 3 months. good luck, Cathy

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briaarmad HB User
Re: Over 6 months with dizzyness, Stomach issues and lightheadedness

I've been diagnosed with vertigo 7 months ago. Back and forth to the doctors convinced theres something else going on. EKG and blood work are fine. Last week I had an ultrasound on my neck to check blood flow to my head. That checked out fine. On Tuesday I have another doctor appointment to see if I still have the problem. If so, then hes suggesting I get an MRI done of my head. I have pre hypertension and my good cholesterol is a bit low and my bad cholesterol is a bit high. I've been on a diet for the last 2 months cutting out lot of sodium and fatty foods. I'm 44 years old 5 foot 11 and weigh 205, I lost 22 lbs. My blood pressure every morning ranges from normal to pre hypertension. I am a business owner and do feel occasional stress now and again but certainly nothing and I feel I can't handle. I work from home quite a bit. I have worked a lot all my life and I'm beginning to think that it's catching up with me. I spend a great deal of time on computers. My monitor setup includes 6 monitors. I've reduced to 3 monitors at eye level and matched hertz levels. it is problematic for me to exercise since I can feel sick to my stomach because of vertigo. lately I have been bedridden for days at a time because I just feel too dizzy to walk around. sometimes it feels a little bit better when I walk outside. I golf once a week and is usually a challenge by the end of the round. I've noticed that a couple of days after golfing I feel the worst. it maybe the fact of driving in a cart going up and down the hills I'm not sure.I am also terribly winded even walking short distances. I am sure that is due to lack of exercise the last 6 months.
I have had panic disorder since I was 19 years old but have learned to manage this in the last 5 years by quitting smoking and watching my alcohol consumption. I have yet to I am completely exhausted trying to find the answer to my problem. Along with the vertigo I have the following symptoms:
Indigestion, nausea, chills, vomiting, dark stools, neck stiffness, top of head numbness and irritability.
I am very happily married with 2 small children. I really don't know what else to try. I spend at least 3-4 hours a day researching. I will give the acupuncture and glucose diet a try.

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katekreate HB User
Re: Over 6 months with dizzyness, Stomach issues and lightheadedness

I can't help - but I can tell you I feel the same way. It started with a sudden loss of vision that I thought for sure was a stroke. The two explanantions for this constant nausea and dizziness that make the most sense after researching the pants off of them and having CT scans, ECGs and chest Xrays done are atypical migrane or labyrintitis. I dont have hearing loss (I feel like my ears are plugged though) or vertigo though, so still not a perfect match. But like you, I have acid reflux. My head feels so heavy and I am tired all day, every day. I cant focus, I spend a lot of time reading about what could be going wrong which is so awful - and the worst part is I feel like a burden to my husband, my friends and my doctor. Like they think Im blowing this all out of proportion. I dont look sick. Theres nothing at all visible and I try really hard to just act normal because I cant just give up on daily living, although all I want to do is lie in bed. I'm really scared and I want my life back.

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briaarmad HB User
Re: Over 6 months with dizzyness, Stomach issues and lightheadedness

Its terrible. I certainly feel for you. Once in a great while I will feel good and think Im finally beating it, but then gets worse the next day or later that night. I feel I dont even have a life anymore. I'm so tired of trying to resolve this. A part of me is upset with the doctors not knowing what it could be. I mean, you are doctors right? Very upsetting. I did read today about Candida. So now I will try a Candida diet.

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acid reflux, dizzyness, lightheadedness

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