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Candi1006 10-24-2012 06:07 AM

Weird vision only when driving.. off balance when passenger
So it started a few months back when my hubby was driving.... I started noticing that the road in the distance looked like it was bending down.... like I was going down a hill. It also seemed like everything was getting narrow.... like tunnel vision, but not exactly. Now it starts feeling at times like I am stationary and not moving, while everything else is coming straight at me... almost like an old 1980's video game. It makes me get anxiety. I will start feeling like I am falling or something. Then when my husband drives sometimes I will get off balance and that will last for about an hour afterward. My ent is going to do some tests next month and says he suspects inner ear.... my how can the ears make the eyes see this stuff? Sometimes I feel like just thinking about it... makes it happen.

Also, being under fluorescent lights make me off balance and gives me migraines.

Also.... it seems since this started happening I am getting loads of anxiety... but it came after.

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