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This is gonna be long so if you don't wanna read I understand

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Old 12-15-2012, 11:14 PM   #1
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Aaron555 HB User
Red face This is gonna be long so if you don't wanna read I understand

This August I was driving home from the doctor, I had hurt my heel in a basketball game and just got a Cortizone shot in the bottom of my heel. On the drive home I started feeling funny but thought nothing of it. As I got on the bridge my whole world started to go out of Focus. Didn't feel dizzy but just felt off-balance, out of whack, my heart started racing, I'm not one For the dramatics at all but I almost died!!! I had to keep fighting this feeling of feeling like I was gonna pass out and throw up!! I willed myself off the bridge and parked it at the first spot I could find I was so Shaken up that it literally took me about a half hour to text my brother to come get me and drive me home. Thought I had a panic attack which was something I had never experienced in my life before.
The next day was off Completely!!! I'm talking room spinning!! neck hurting just didn't Make any sense to me? Thought I had an allergic reaction to the code is Overshot but as weeks would guy then months I would find out that's not the case. It ended up getting so bad I check myself in the hospital ( I HATE AND DON'T DO HOSPITALS) I was in there for 3 days did the EKG on my heart nothing wrong, every four hour blood check Did a sonogram on my heart and x-ray everything fine doctor said I was in great shape every test they ran they said I was fine. I was starting to feel crazy cuz I was off I would try to walk and start Veering to the right or left I've never in my life had a problem with coordination and now I can walk a straight line ???? After leaving the hospital not even 8 hour later I was back in the ER bc the room my world was spinning BAD!!! I got to the ER and that's when a dr with a brain told me I had vertigo. He recommended I go see a ear and throat doctor. Which I did he did all these test said I had above average hearing and that I should literally walk it off .... Ok doc ???!! I then went and got a MRI which sucked and showed that everything was fine !!
After that I went back to my doctor and He prescribed Valium, it help a Lil in the beginning but after while I didn't feel the vertigo so much but I was always tired and just kinda out of it. On top of that I hate pills and developed actual panic attacks when I felt a Overwhelming sensation coming on. I got super depressed and this whole thing has Crippled my life. I stopped the Valium be cause it was making me depressed and the panic attacks stop but my vertigo has come on full Force!!!! I been dealing with this vertigo **** since August and I can't take it!!! No one gets it !!! People don't really understand !!!! And I don't know what to do !! I feel bad for my wife cuz I know she is tired of hearing me ***** but I can't take it !!! don't even wanna leave my house. I'm just looking from help from who ever!! I just wanna be healthy again or at least get a brake from this vertigo. The last step is to see a neurologist but I have spent so much Money out of pocket for all these test That I'm scared to pay for the test to be told that I'm fine
Sorry For the novel But I have a huge job opportunity coming up and I'm so nervous I'm going to have to pass because of this vertigo I guess I just need to vent to people that actually know how I feel and what I'm going threw at least I hope ?? Don't really know how this works but that's pretty much it

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star_light221 HB User
Re: This is gonna be long so if you don't wanna read I understand

I was wondering if you have found any cause for your dizziness ,has any doctor suggested meniers decease or labrinitis?
i too have been having terrible dizzy attackes and when i am not dizzy i am off balance and walking to the side

Old 12-31-2012, 09:51 AM   #3
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Shelbie HB UserShelbie HB UserShelbie HB User
Re: This is gonna be long so if you don't wanna read I understand

Sorry this reply is so late (I hope you are better). I had Virtigo once. My family was driving home from a vacation thru the mountains. When coming down I asked each family member if their ears had popped. They all answered yes, but mine didn't and I felt kinda stuffy? lol That night when getting into bed I felt like I was falling!!! My hubby thought I was nuts. Literally my arms were flailing around and I was yelling ...IM FALLING. I couln't look up at all. If I did I would get soooo dizzy. I finally went to my primary care doctor. She asked me to lay down on the table and I yelled again and she looked into my eyes. They were darting back and forth so fast. She went down the hall and got another doctor to come look. They got a medical book and tried a method of holding my head at a special angle. It didnt work. She sent me to a neurologist, he did the same method. It didn't work. I was at the lab having blood drawn and I told the older woman there what was going on with me. She told me of a Physician's Assistant who has helped people. I called the ENT's office and said I want to make an appointment (but not with the doctor, but with his assistant). He had me lay down and held my head in his hands (kinda sideways). This only lasted about 5 minutes. When I sat up my virtigo was gone. I was amazed. It is something in the inner ear. Rocks that settle in the well of our ears did not settle correctly coming over the mountain. He put them back in place I guess. I put up with Virtigo for over a month and this simple procedure helped me. Im racking my brain on how you got it tho. Im guessing when you were laying down or your head moving in just the right way your ears could have been effected. Our ears direct our motion or balance. I hope this helps. By the way? Are you blonde? I hear blonds are dizzy. (I crack myself up)
Good luck and good health in 2013

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fatmommacat HB Userfatmommacat HB User
Re: This is gonna be long so if you don't wanna read I understand

See if you can get referred to an ear doctor for an ENG EVG.
Maybe the ear tests will show something? That's what i had to do.

Old 01-08-2013, 05:47 AM   #5
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golfhat HB Usergolfhat HB Usergolfhat HB User
Re: This is gonna be long so if you don't wanna read I understand

I got the flu 7 days ago and the first 2 days was just out of it with typical symptoms. but then I got nausea and could not stand to be out of bed for long. It was horrible.

Nothing like what you are experiencing tho. However, I am positive it is related to my ears being stuffed up. I can hear weird noises coming from my left ear. Even my husband said he could hear my ears making sounds when he got close for a kiss.

Finally, my body began draining my ears and the vertigo/nausea stopped. But this is a virus that is now going around (2013) because I know of another woman who has had it. It lasted 2 weeks for her.

An ENT is the only answer or have an expert do what the PA did. I know that sometimes a very simple solution is the answer.
Another thing:

I was sick for long enough to stop eating and could not taste or smell anything so i stopped drinking coffee. I developed a headache that was so awful. But I didn't realize it was caffeine withdrawal.

My sis suggested I have a strong cup of coffee even tho I couldn't taste it. I did that and within 2 hrs my headache was almost gone. I had a muscle knot tho in the back of my head that was contributing to the headache and the dizziness.

A lot of things go wrong when we are sick. You said you had a cortisone shot. Some people are very allegic to cortisone and you may be one of them! Try pursuing that idea and see if someone can help.

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