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AmbeeCherry 01-19-2013 10:28 PM

My Vertigo/ Dizzy Experience
I know a lot of people struggle with vertigo or Dizziness, whichever one it is, the experience is not fun. I wanted to share my experience with it in hopes that it might help someone. I was laying in bed one morning (Oct 2012),rolled over like normal and felt dizzy with my eyes still closed. I thought this was odd since I have never been dizzy like that before. I got up still felt a little off, did my normal morning routine, and couldn't quiet shake it. I asked my husband if he thought I should go to the doctor, after a little debating, we decided to wait since it had stopped. I remember thinking to myself that it could possibly be my ear since it had been hurting off and on but only very mild, and not very often. Into November I had gotten dizzy again but only for a second like if you get up to fast.Some other symptoms started in between like pressure behind my eyes and a head ache that I had through most of November. We decided to go to the Emergency Room.(November 17) There i found that I had water in my left ear, which was not infected, they considered it viral, so I was given a prescription for Musinex. I was relived that It was my ear , and a lot of my anxiety about it went away. I ended up not filling the prescription since viruses tend to go away on there own.Into December I still felt kind of off but the anxiety in me had me worrying about my ear and if I was going to feel dizzy again. luckily I didn't feel dizzy at all really that month. Right before my anniversary vacation with my husband I got dizzy again helping my son pick up a toy car in the living room, this really upset me. I started crying out of frustration telling my husband that I didn't want to feel dizzy anymore. All I could think about was I am a mother and don't want to feel like this. Needless to say we went on our anniversary trip to the Oregon Coast, I decided to ignore thinking that I was going to be dizzy and enjoy my trip, which we did:) During our trip my ear finally drained which seemed like it took forever. Since then I haven't felt odd or not like myself or dizzy as of yet.I had a check up with my PCP and he told me he thought it was allergy's, shined a flash light up my nose and was sure that's what was causing this, I know you can develop them but I have never had ear problems or allergy's before. He also told me that he could still see a sliver of water in my ear whatever that means lol and it was clear and not the other kind I didn't want( not sure what he meant by that)...I have since scheduled a appointment with a ear nose and throat doctor to see what they think. I guess my main reason for this post was because when I first got this I would Google and scare myself and stress on it along with my anxiety ( a bad combination.) I have read a lot about people who suffer with this kind of thing on a daily basis . I kept thinking to myself that it can't be like this forever and tried to stay positive...and it got better...I hope anyone who reads this might get some kind of comfort from it and know that nothing lasts forever and it get's better with time. I know with having anxiety you constantly evaluate how you feel at least in my looking back on it I am glad that I pushed myself to do somethings that I thought would make me dizzy because it gave me hope.I read that if you don't it can prolong your body from adapting and fixing itself, from being off.
I will update on this post after I see the specalist.

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