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poppy5411 02-10-2013 02:35 AM

Hi All,

The main reason for posting this is: I can be sitting and I get this feeling that I am going to pass out. Its a bit like a head rush or being prodded with a cattle prod. It lasts a second but its freaky as I think I am going to pass out.
If I move my head or eyes I get lightheaded and again I feel like I am going to pass out.
When this happens I jerk - I worry it might be heart disease but I do have sinus problems. Sometimes even moving or raising my eyes causes these odd feelings This happens frequently.
I did suffer from anxiety and a few years ago I did have BNPV. I also do have itchy ears now and again and sometimes I have the odd missed heartbeat.
The days when I am not dizzy are days when I feel alive. My head feels clear and I can move without fear of feeling dizy but these days are few and far between.

Has anyone else had this?

mabero 02-11-2013 10:05 PM

Re: dizziness
I used to get those dizzy spells. What help me is using nasarel and taking claritin everyday. I still get lightheaded from the anxiety but not as bad as if used to

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