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    tinnitus first now vertigo

    About two months ago I suffered an episode Ive come to believe was tinnitus. It went away after about a week and I thought nothing of it, then suddenly, exactly one week ago I started with vertigo. It was only when I moved in bed or bet certain ways. Urgent care dx'd vertigo and prescribed prednisone. I thought I was feeling better later that night so I never filled the rx. Today I woke up and have had the vertigo all day to the point I can feel it as I walk around and its really disturbing. I'm extremely nauseaus when it happens. Any help would be appreciated. Does th7s sound like anything significant? Thanks so much.

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    Re: tinnitus first now vertigo

    Vertigo can be caused by many conditions. The most common causes of vertigo are BPPV, Labyrinthitis, Vestibular Neuronitis and Meniere's Disease. If this is the first time you've had vertigo, it could well have been caused by Inner Ear Infection known as Labyrinthitis/Vestibular Neuronitis. Labyrinthitis is slightly different to Vestibular Neuronitis and one major difference is you get hearing loss usually. However, with all medical conditions its always best to see a doctor about this.

    Labyrinthitis and Vestibular Neuronitis usually go away by themselves. This is because the brain compensates for damage caused by the infection. If it doesnt go away though, you may have something else going on in which case you will need to see a doctor for sure. This could be anything from anemia/Vitamin B12 deficiency to Acoustic Neuroma although the latter is rare.

    If you had a cold/flu/allergies before the tinnitus came on it may have caused the Labyrinthitis/Vestibular Neuronitis. I also read someplace that sometimes the herpes simplex virus can cause this to happen too, as can a bout of major stress/anxiety.

    You may/may not have had Nystagmus which is a beating of the eyes. This again could signal anything from inner ear to serious stuff, and warrants a medical check by a doctor.

    Prednisone is usually prescribed for Labyrithtitis/Vestibular Neuronitis because it has an anti inflammatory effect. This is way better than other medications used to treat the conditions usually because the others can be addictive to some people.

    The reason you may have been feeling the vertigo again is because your brain could be starting to compensate for the damage. This is what usually causes the vertigo to happen. You may also have something which keeps triggering the vertigo like stress and another major one is anxiety. Anxiety can even stop the healing process and cause it to carry on for years with this condition! The sad part about the conditions are usually that they cause anxiety/anxiety disorders because the brain sees the process/problem which it cannot solve.. so it keeps trying to solve the problem over and over causing anxiety.

    The best thing to do is stay relaxed, try to move about as this will help the healing process speed up. If youre still not feeling good within 8 weeks then see a doctor again. They may refer you for VRT (Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy which is a set of exercises given by a trained professional in the Ear, Nose and Throat department. The nausea you're feeling is common with this condition also, as is vomiting at times too. This is the same feeling you get if you have "butterflies in your stomach" or going over a bridge really quickly in a car. You might also get some relief to lay down when you have an attack and shut your eyes for a few moments. This usually does the trick and makes it go away.

    Cold weather/temperatures, Flying in an aeroplane and Scuba Diving may make it worse. Changes in the weather patterns can make it worse also due to the barometric pressure difference. It's usually best to have someone who can look after you when you have this condition because it can make you feel a bit sick. It also is a "hidden illness" and people cannot usually tell you have something wrong with you at face value.. which can feel annoying and isolating at times. Supermarkets and different types of lighting can really kick it off, and walking down the aisles at the grocery store with all of the visual information coming off the products on the shelves. Walking past store windows and seeing your reflection can also cause a vertigo sensation, and you may also feel it more if youre carrying shopping bags as your ears are your way of balancing.. so anything which puts a strain on that can cause vertigo. Computer screens and scrolling down webpages can make it worse, and watching TV can at times too.

    I personally avoided going to see the doctor because of what I read online and learned about the condition (labyrinthitis). That was 9 months ago and Im still experiencing vertigo now when I walk or stand still. Anxiety makes it worse for me, and because I didnt get it checked out when the inflammation could be seen from the outer ear by the doctor, they now dont think I do have the condition and are at a loss to what is causing my vertigo.. although I personally know it is uncompensated labyrinthitis. I had to have blood tests as they thougth I may have been anemic, and it came back normal.

    I would advise you get treatment as soon as you can really, because this condition is a really nasty and debilitating one which can go on and on for a long time (years!). I also have experienced hearing loss and I'm only young myself (24 years old).. and it's not a good sign as the hearing loss can be a permenant damage. I am now awaiting my doctor to give me some exercise to do which he says WILL definitely help but told me if they dont he will send me to the ENT doctor for a hearing test and balance test.

    Learn from my mistakes with this one.. dont leave it too long because it can really affect your quality of life. If youre blood is fine, your blood pressure is fine and your doctor has given you anti inflammatory drugs then you probably have this condition.

    I hope this brings you some hope and relief. Its not nice to have to experience this. If you have vertigo, there's a few tricks Ive had to learn to get by with it..

    If youre out walking and you start to get vertigo it might be caused by light sensitivity so you can wear some shades (sun glasses). Also.. it might be caused by visual information overload.. so I look at some pictures on my phone as Im walking or text messages, and this allows me to walk to where I need to be without going crazy with the vertigo. I still can feel it, but its usually a lot less apparent. I think it also works by taking your brain's focus away from compensation whilst youre walking.

    Also I heard that Ginkgo Biloba works too for vertigo.. I hate western medicine! Also inhaling essential oils such as Oregano Oil or Tea Tree with their anti inflammatory effects. I found at one point cold things really helped me out.. eating ice cream (what a good excuse!).

    I've personally found this condition although hard.. to be a message really. It means "Slow Down!". Take time to relax and recouporate your energy and make sure to get plenty of rest, as lack of sleep is another trigger.

    I will try to reply if you want to chat. My girlfriend and father helped me get through the worst of mine. Try get some family support as it makes a difference.


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