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    Old 07-15-2013, 12:26 PM   #1
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    Hollie89 HB User
    Please Help Extreme Dizziness


    Please can someone help me??

    When i was 15 my tonsils where severely infected and the doctors took them out to stop them getting worse... Something went wrong and a virus went into my blood stream and i started getting dizzy spells and anxiety. It was just about bearable until i was 19 and got made redundant from my job at the local council, and it didn't help all the stress from my cheating boyfriend.

    It gradually got worse and worse, a major part of my everyday life, about 2 years ago i when i was nearly 20 i was in the car with my dad and suddenly the dizziness hit me worst than it ever had, i felt like i was on some silly roller-coaster, feeling sick with the whole world spinning round me and sadly it has never got better.

    Its been 2 years since i last left the house (apart from twice that il get to later) everyone has moved on around me, working, having kids actually having a life. I feel so sad like i have no future, that im just here in this big house that i cant ever leave like a prison. i cant do anything because of the dizziness, i cant read that much or write let alone type! (my kind friend is writing it for me) i can only just watch tv!

    Just over a month ago was my dear nans funeral, i couldn't go because of this illness, i made it to my grandads house but then got confined to the toilet with horrific throwing up, it breaks my heart to think that i didn't go... but i no that she would understand.

    I just dont know why i am here anymore. I know that i have such a loving family and friends, but im only 21..what is my future?? Im 22 next month and what have i accomplished??

    because of my dizziness im restricted to sooo much. my family have to help me shower and even go to the loo.. which is really embarrassing.

    The doctors first thought i had something called viral labyrinthitis, but now they don't know what it is, i have spoken to loads of doctors, and they think its just in my head?!?! But if it all was in my head would i have not gone outside for so long? Lost my boyfriend? Not Work? Losing some of my friends? Enjoyed fresh air? Not have a life? i think not.

    I just wish someone would help me


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    lfanner HB Userlfanner HB Userlfanner HB Userlfanner HB User
    Re: Please Help Extreme Dizziness

    I have three suggestions as a previous sufferer myself.
    1. look for a NUCCA chiropractor, could be an atlas problem
    2. could also be the crystals in your ears, look into the Eply Manuver
    3. please research verticle heterophoria

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    Hollie89 (07-17-2013)
    Old 08-08-2013, 07:43 PM   #3
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    kurtw1960 HB User
    Re: Please Help Extreme Dizziness

    Hi Hollie,
    I used to work on boats so I spent a lot of time upside down, one day I stood up after being upside down and I felt like something was making my head move from the inside I felt dizzy and nauseated my head wasn't actually moving, it just felt like it. That night while driving home I almost lost control of the car, after that I was scared to drive but I learned after initially being scared that it didn't really affect my driving unless I let it. It was still uncomfortable though. Nobody could help me until I went to a chiropractor, I went and got adjustments for a couple of weeks then one day he said let's try something different , I said I'd try anything so he strapped me into a chair contraption and rotated me upside down then made some other movements and then I was upright again and on the drive home I was fine. I had the ailment for about 7 months. I've had happen only once since that treatment but only for a couple of weeks. I think you should research Ifanner's suggestions, that crystal thing sounds familiar. I recall all too easily that fear. I'm sorry you're going through the isolation. Please force yourself to go out a little bit though don't get too down.

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    KennedyLane HB User
    Re: Please Help Extreme Dizziness


    Your symptoms are NOT caused by anxiety. Vestibular problems CAUSE anxiety, not the other way around.

    Doctors should have been able to diagnose you if your dizziness was due to misplaced inner ear debris. They can tilt your head/neck in certain ways and look for nystagnus (certain eye movement). It's hard to miss so it is usually easy to diagnose. One hallmark of this disorder is you only spin when you've put your head in a certain position.

    If you're just sitting still in a chair and the room starts spinning, that's not BPPV (crystals in ear). There's something else going on.

    My guess is something was damaged during your throat surgery. I wonder if you have eustachian tube issues (feeling like your ears are clogged or ears are clicking and popping)?

    There is some research by an ENT, Dr. Burkhardt Franz in Australia, who theorizes that joint damage (in upper cervical facet joint or TMJoints) can cause a cascade reaction that leads to issues with the eustachian tube that can further cause pressure issues between the middle and inner ear leading to a Meniere's-like condition.

    There is further speculation by a researcher in Italy that GERD (refulx) can cause eustachian tube dysfunction and also lead to inner ear conditions.

    I'm mentioning this because it makes sense to me that the surgical procedure could have either: 1) damaged a eustachian tube since the tonils are in such close proximity to the ET; or 2) your head was positioned in such a way during the surgery that one of your upper cervical facet joints was irritated... Either way, based on the Australian and Italian studies, it's possible that issues with one of your eustachian tubes may be affecting your inner ear.

    I'm so sorry you are dealing with this at such a young age. YOU are NOT causing your symptoms. Don't ever believe someone who tries to convince you that if you just "relax" you will get better. Take care of your body. Push yourself to do things you don't think you can do. Pray. Meditate. Rest. Eat well and exercise.

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