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Jimc8 08-05-2013 03:48 PM

Neck stiff - slight dizzy/hard to focus/foggy feelings
It all started 10 months ago after severe flu that fully went away after 2-3 weeks with vitamin C and pain killers. Then a month afterwards one night I started to get strong weird feelings that I can describe as follows:

[U]Symptoms that started it all 10 months ago ! :[/U]

1- was watching tv felt very weird and felt like fainting several times because of weird waves of dizzy feeling and lights around didn't feel right to look at.
2- driving the car felt dangerous as every brake light felt and looked weird and waves of dizzy and out of space feelings continued to pour on me causing high anxiety ( which caused breathing problems and heart racing ).
3- sitting at home while fully relaxed did not help as I got the waves sometimes when I lifted my head from the laptop screen to watch the tv.

[U]Some information about myself:[/U]
- 173 cm tall / 84kg ( little over weight )
- no history of any disease / medical condition such as high blood pressures or diabetes
- quite normal life / job / food diet is normal
- my stress levels aren't worth mentioning as I don't get that much stressed anyways.

[U]Some information about bad habits:[/U]
- moderate to high smoker (10 years)
- cigarettes / sheesha (hookah)
- daily coffee drinker at mornings and in every other situation where I find coffee. Quite addicted to coffee.
- no drugs
- very light alcohol drinker (every couple of months)

[U]Some information about medical tests done:[/U]
- all blood works showed severe vitamin B deficiency which is normal for our region. Otherwise nothing.
- X ray of chest normal
- MRI of brain normal
- MRI of neck shows C4/C5 posterior rdisc/osteophyte without canal or neural foremen narrowing. Rest of cervical disc unremarkable.
- MRI shows left maxillary polyp.

[U]Doctors comments:[/U]
Neurologist : normal.
General practitioner : viral infection.
ENT specialist : nothing alarming - no ear infection therefore it's all in your nose - use nasal sprays ( one is a cleaner, the other is a steroid based ) and see me after a month.
Second ENT specialist: no loss of balance, eye reflex ok , no ear infection. Nothing.

[U]Current symptoms as of today:[/U]

Sleeping is ok
20 minutes or so after waking up I start to have multiple symptoms that go back and forth for no particular reason : very slight dizziness - slight back of neck stress feeling and weird feeling no pain - very slight off balance feelings at times.

All of above symptoms I would have all day long on and off.

Any input is highly appreciated as I have not arrived at a reason for all of this so far.


Cowsandcows15 09-06-2013 03:02 AM

Re: Neck stiff - slight dizzy / hard to focus / foggy feelings
Here is what I'm thinking the problem is: (sorry, my post quite long but very informative because I personally know about this issue)

Your neck muscles. Mainly your SCM muscle and upper trap muscles. They can cause all the symptoms you said. [B]If you have stiff neck ALONG with dizziness, foggy head, it's VERY VERY LIKELY your stiff neck is causing it[/B].

I too have a stiff neck, which causes the same symptoms you listed: slight dizziness, hard to focus, foggy head feeling, disorientated feeling in eyes, balance problems, etc, etc...I also have very bad pain, which I didn't at first, but years later I started to get bad pain. I get those symptoms too every-day. I had been to many many doctors, none of them knew the real cause. I finally figured out it was because of my neck... It took 7+ years to figure out it was because of my neck.

How to treat it? There are a few ways. REALLY try the #3 thing I listed first, as it's easy to find a massage therapist, not very expensive, and it helps quickly. Make SURE the massage therapist is experienced, though. I say this because your problem is still "new" (10 months). My neck problem has been going on for a minimum of 7+ years, so for me personally, it's 100X harder to treat since I let it go on for so long...I'm still trying to treat it. I currently am doing #2 and #3 along with my doctor prescribing medications to help my problem. My advice to you: TRY THESE TREATMENTS NOW, WHILE YOUR PROBLEM IS STILL "NEW". If you wait too long, like I did, your problem will be 100 times worse.

#1. Chiropractor. This will help the stiff neck, which the stiff neck causes the slightly dizzy/hard to focus feelings. For some people a chiropractor can totally solve their problems, while for others it does little to nothing. It just depends on how out of alignment you are. If you aren't seriously out of alignment, it will likely help and will be all you need. If you are "seriously out of alignment" then you need a more advanced, and precise type of chiropractic adjustment. Which then now read #2

#2. NUCCA Chiropractic. (very different from regular Chiropractor. Very different.). NUCCA stands for National upper cervical chiropractic association. Again, it's VERY different than a regular chiropractor and generally much more helpful since it's very precise exact adjustments being made, BUT, on the downside, it's much more expensive and insurance may not cover it. That's why I'd say try the regular chiropractor first, and if that doesn't work, then move on to NUCCA Chiropractic. A NUCCA chiropractor will definitely help you more, especially with the symptoms you listed. But if cost is an issue, still definitely try a regular chiropractor first. Unless of course cost isn't an issue, then try NUCCA Chiropractic first. If you are like most people and cost is an issue, try regular chiropractic first and see if it helps. If not, like I said, move on to the more advanced NUCCA Chiropractic.

#3. Massage! [B]This is very, very important and may completely treat your problem and symptoms since your problem is still "early" (10 months isn't too long you should treat it NOW while it's still early).[/B] Deep tissue and trigger point massages will help relax your muscles, and help reduce the stiffness in your neck which in turn will reduce dizziness/foggy head feeling. Massage can GREATLY help reduce dizziness/foggy feeling that is caused by a stiff neck. DEFINITELY try massage. [B]Get a deep tissue and trigger point massage, and tell them you want your [U]SCM muscles and upper trap muscles[/U] worked on.[/B] This is an absolute must do, especially since you've only been feeling this way for 10 months it'll be much easier to reverse your problems back to normal. (Unlike me, I've had this neck problem for AT LEAST 7 years, possibly even longer as in 10+ years. If you wait too long you'll end up 100 times worse -- like me).

There are also Medications that can help you feel better, but you'll have to go to a regular doctor as Chiropractors don't work in that area. I myself am going to a NUCCA chiropractor multiple times per week, along with massage therapy, and also medications to help reduce my symptoms. The main problem for me is my neck has been this way for 7-10 years ++, therefore making my problem much more harder to treat... I wish I would have known at the start that it was my neck causing my problems all along, because then if I would have known that I would have treated it right away with chiropractic and massage and very likely would not be in the situation I currently am in now if I had treated it early on. Sadly, it took me over 7 years to fully realize that my neck was causing all my problems -- and by the time I realized that what I actually needed was chiropractic treatment, well by then, too much time had passed (plus the multiple whip-lash injuries I got over the years made things even worse) and now it had become a major problem and became very complex since my neck had been that way for so many years. So it's going to take a while for me to get better. [B]But for YOU on the other-hand, you still have a chance to treat it while it's early and stop it before it gets insanely worse and very complicated to treat!! [/B]. Trust me, if you go years and years without getting treatment, all your symptoms you listed will get 100X worse, and you'll get extremely severe pain too...

KennedyLane 09-06-2013 02:38 PM

Re: Neck stiff - slight dizzy/hard to focus/foggy feelings
Look into migraine associated vertigo, also known as vestibular migraines. You can have this even if you do not get traditional migraine head pain.

sachabootsma 09-16-2013 06:40 AM

Re: Neck stiff - slight dizzy/hard to focus/foggy feelings
Hi Jim!

I have been having these symptoms (coming-and-going) for the past 15 or so years. Had it VERY bad a couple of years ago and attributed it all to anxiety (psycho-somatic). Somehow with regular neck-stretching exercises these symptoms always become bearable, although never really go away.

Got them again about 2 weeks ago: had slept bad on a too high pillow and then the super stiff very painful neck did not want to go away. Went to see a physiotherapist who diagnosed me with verterbae artery insufficiency, because turning my head makes me dizzy and nauseous. When 'testing' me, he induced the dreadful symptoms of vertigo, anxiety, balance-issues, etc in a matter of seconds! He then told me this is definitely not psychosomatic, but due to, well.. insufficiency in the artery on at least one side of the neck. Now, I am not sure yet how he well the physiotherapy is going to treat my problem (for the time being, acupressure in my neck and shoulders and very simple neck stretching exercises) but what the physiotherapist did say (and I have already found overwhelming evidence of this, searching on the internet) is that chiropractic neck-cracking COULD BE FATAL! So, please make sure you do not have what I have, as going to a chiropractor could literally kill you!

Good luck there and I will post more once my symptoms reduce, so I can share what I feel helps, at least, for me!

SweetSori 09-24-2013 03:54 AM

Re: Neck stiff - slight dizzy/hard to focus/foggy feelings
I believe that you are referring to trigger point therapy, I too (after having passed a horrible ear infection) had anxiety attacks and depression that led me to a terrible neck tightness and muscle knots. It created all sorts of crazy vision symptoms, sensory symptoms, dizziness symptoms, to the point I couldnīt even hold my head straigh at work.
Now I am going to a massage therapist specialized in trigger point therapy once every two weeks and it seems to help, but I also do my own triiger point therapy with a golf ball and a tennis ball at home.
First I use a heating pad to heat my neck and back. Then I put a tennis ball in a sock, tie it and put another tennis ball in the sock and tie it again. Same thing with the golf balls.
I start at my lower back with the tennis balls, with each one placed on each side of the spine and start to slide and roll them up upwards. When I hit a hurtful spot, I apply more pressure until it subsides. Then I put the golf balls in the same place for further relief. I do this all over my back checking for the trigger points.
Then I take a hot shower and stretch out the muscles that I have released.
This works wonders.
When I go to sleep I take an anti inflammatory /the next day it has to be swollen and possibly a little painful/ and I wake up feeling much better.

Hope I helped!

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