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db822 08-16-2015 09:41 AM

Down Syndrome Diagnosis 1.5 months after birth
Hi...just wondering if anyone else had a diagnosis late? Wondering why a diagnosis for T21 took so long and if this is common? I thought most babies with DS are diagnosed very shortly after birth. My LO had seen several different pediatricians, my family doctor and umpteen nurses and not one caught his condition. He only has 2 maybe 3 common characteristics of someone with DS, those being a slight upward slant to eyes, very light eyebrows, high tolerance to pain, and slept alot the first month home. Other than that, he doesn't have much else in common with DS characteristics that are usually noticed right away. He's so strong too! He can hold his head, look around (he's only 6wks old now) but has been lifting his head for quite some time now. He pushes off with his legs to move, and literally almost rolled over onto his stomach. From what I've read I have a hard time believing that he has DS. Could the blood work b wrong? Anyone else have a baby that has DS but with very little signs? Also is there such thing as mild, moderate or severe DS? Any insight would be appreciated.

kanded 10-16-2015 08:58 AM

Re: Down Syndrome Diagnosis 1.5 months after birth
It's important to talk to a geneticist as they will be able to clear up any doubts you may have, but the testing is accurate.There are different degrees of DS and its possible that your son has a mild form our it, let's hope anyway. It's very hard to tell when they are little, so I have found its just best to not worry about it the best you can. It's good to focus on the therapies and implementing them at home. The earlier the better. He probably won't get speech till he is a little older, but he could start physical and occupational therapy. One of the things to focus on is making sure that they check his heart, maybe see a cardiologist, and to read up on conditions that kids with DS may have, not to worry about but so you can be on top of anything that could result from having DS. Usually thyroid they check at 1yr old, and yearly blood tests can eliminate other conditions that they can have. I wish you all the best, and enjoy your baby. Don't let this spoil your enjoyment of your baby. Remember a baby is just that, a baby first.

Radhik 04-08-2016 04:39 AM

Re: Down Syndrome Diagnosis 1.5 months after birth
Hi my Lo is also diagnosed ds after birth. But still we can't accept this. As you mentioned my son also strong and lifting his head up and rolling over . He is exactly 3 months 2 days now. He does not have any heart defects. And all other test is also good. Some snoring problem is there .. can you tell me how is your son doing now ?

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