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MPlo 07-09-2018 07:37 PM

Need advice for child
I am a care giver for a 12 year old with Down syndrome. I pick her up from school and we do homework, play outside, make little shopping lists and take her to run errands. Nothing ground breaking, but we have a good time. Recently, sheís become obsessed with the weather. To the point where she canít do things she used to enjoy because she wonít stop obsessing over whether itís going to rain. Her whole family has tried to talk to her about it and nothing seems to help. Itís been over a month and it just seems to be getting worse.

Sheís asking constantly if itís going to rain. She doesnít accept the answers we give her, even if the answer is no itís not, which is what she wants hear. Itís even worse when it is raining because she begs for us to make it stop. When she was younger the sound of the rain bothered her and we would just sort of distract her until it passed. Now itís just the thought of rain that sets her off. She even goes outside just to look at the sky and check for clouds.

Has anyone else ever had this problem or have any ideas on how I can help her?

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