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roy holbrook 01-08-2006 08:09 AM

rash/infection on buttocks
My son has a rash/ifection that looks somewhat like severe acne on his bottom and a little between his legs.
I was told that this was a form of staph by his mother and she treats it by rubbing iodine on it.
I wash him with a rag ,soap and water and the rash seems to clear in three days(no more pus, just red little closed sores and no iodine).
I don't believe I'm crazy ,I wonder if he is not being cleaned well at school or is allowed to sit in his on excrement.
When I pick him up again it is back on my next weekend, and as bad as ever. I have scheduled a meeting with his teachers,but they were defensive before I even got to the reason for the meeting.
Anybody else have this problem? What are the options when a child is in public schools. Its my experience that teacher defend themselves and each other with great vigor(had one tell my ex to correct him with a wooden spoon)

Karen W. 01-08-2006 09:09 AM

Re: rash/infection on buttocks
I have had so many problems with school issue's in the past, some years, life was great, had a good teacher, Then there were time's he had an inadequate teacher and that is when you start noticing things. You will always be your son's advocate, you will always have to fight for him because he cannot, You will always have monitor the school situation and his care. It sounds to me like there not changing his diaper as often as it should be changed. :o Karen

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