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unadventurous 05-15-2006 05:56 PM

missing pinky bone - soft marker?
I had a blood test done at 12 weeks that told me I had a slightly elevated risk of a ds baby (1/247) so I had a level II u/s done today and everything looked normal except for one pinky which is missing the middle bone. The doctor said that this could be a soft marker, but she said there wasn't enough research to even give statistics on what it indicated.

I've been really nervous about having an amnio done, I've been against it all along, but now I'm wondering if I should have one to save myself worry and stress. I'm going to have the baby regardless of any birth defects, but it might help me prepare.

I'm confused and feeling upset... all because of a missing pinky bone... which could mean nothing at all.... any advice?

xbadmagicx 05-19-2006 09:40 AM

Re: missing pinky bone - soft marker?

Personally i think this is a very personal, and difficult decison for you to make and you have to come to a conclusion about it because of what feels right for -you-.

How much stress do you feel that not knowing will put you under? if the answer to this is "alot" or "more than i could cope with" then I think it would be in your best intrests.

However you also have to consider why you were against the test in the first place? Do those reasons still stand?

Try to take a step back and veiw this situation objectivily, if you bestfriend came to you with this issue what would you advise? (although i apperciate how difficult that is)

I hope that some of this advice has been helpful, i have never been a mother and am only 17, although i have a brother who has DS so i cannot fully apperciate what you are going to. But i empathsize.

I hope tyhe remainder of your pregnancy goes well. Take care of yourself and your baby xx

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