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heyu 05-17-2002 07:49 PM

eating habits
I have a beautiful little boy thats 4 that has a bad eating habit, he is still eating only baby food and just the last couple of weeks has finally started eating the #3 organic ones with the chunks, but still doesnt chew just swallows, and also has a bad habit of eating paper, he has the occupational therypist stumped, has anyone out there dealt with this with there child????

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mom8times 06-12-2002 10:49 PM

I don't know if this helps but my ds daughter Amy took until she was 15 months before she started on regular food and it wasn't MY idea!! I was sure she'd choke. But she was in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery and I walked in to see a nurse feeding her scrambled eggs!! I almost freaked but I stopped when I saw Amy working with it. So I went from baby food to scrambled eggs to mashed potatoes and gravy or with butter, then I'd start mashing vegetables (carrots) and small amounts of meat into it. Then spaghetti showed up, noodles well cooked and cut up so she could scoop it in her spoon. She loved Ramen noodles with crackers crushed into it to make a soupy mush and I found this was where I could add and mash vegetables into it.
Amy is now 13. She can eat most regular food, but she LIKES food that she doesn't have to chew the most. e.g. She loves ice cream but if you give her chocolate chip ice cream she gets upset because of all the little chips. She likes smooth over chunky on anything.

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