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Mindy Carol 04-25-2002 02:05 PM

Ultrasound results
I recently had an AFP test showing that my baby was at an increased risk of Downs Syndrome. My Ultra Sound showed the baby waving with outstretched hands. I have been told that Downs Syndrome babies do not ever unclench their fists so the outstretched fingers showed the baby does not have Down Syndrome. Is this true?


Connor5 05-29-2002 11:42 PM

Mindy, the AFP test is extremely unreliable. I cannot tell you how many women have had the test and it was wrong. I would rely more on the ultrasound. I also had an Amnio and the results said that my baby had trisomy 18. We were terrified! I had several ultrasounds and they all showed him to be fine. Well, he is now 6 years old and is so beautiful and healthy. Honestly, keep having the ultrasounds, they can tell you so much more. Your post was more than a month ago. What have you found out?

Mindy Carol 05-30-2002 09:28 AM

So far, nothing more. They haven't scheduled my next ultrasound, but I am about 20 weeks along and my next appointment is in a week. My doctor has assured me that there were no tell tale indications of any problems during the sonogram and that the baby is developing right on schedule. Also, as you said, I have heard horror story after horror story about AFP test results since I first posted. My husband and I feel pretty confident that everything is fine, but we were both pretty scared for a while. I am guessing me next ultrasound will be in about four weeks.

Mindy Carol 07-11-2002 09:29 AM

Just as an update... we had a sonogram on Monday and everything still looks good. I am still wanting any information on ultrasound results and the question I asked initially. Please respond if you have any insight or information.

hannahs mom 07-11-2002 11:33 AM

My OB actually steered us away from the AFP test because of its inaccuracies. He started to worry when they couldn't find all 4 chambers of Hannahs heart on my ultrasounds. Don't worry though. Hannah was born 11 weeks early due to some complications I had and we didn't know she had DS until 2 weeks later. As far as the had thing, my little one doesn't clench her little fists all of the time, as a matter of fact she holds on to toys and does everything a baby does. In everything I have read I have never seen anything about downs babys always clenching their fists. As a matter of fact while going through some pictures last night I found an ultrasound picture of hannah with an open hand. Good luck to you!

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mom8times 07-12-2002 07:49 PM

I don't know if this will help any, because Amy was my only Down's child, so I didn't have another Down's pregnancy to compare with...and maybe others can add their two cents in here.........
Anyway, I'm the mother of 8 children, and with Amy, the one thing I noticed most of all during my pregnancy is that that she didn't kick as hard as the others. Her movements were more sluggish.

hannahs mom 07-13-2002 01:29 PM

Hannah was just the opposite. She was a real mover and shaker. Looks like none of us had similar experiences to give Mindy any insight. I hope everything turns out the way she wants it too.

MissJess 09-26-2002 02:49 PM

I am wondering is it a regular occurance that with a postive downs test and not being able to locate all the chambers of the heart that i am more likely to have a downs baby? My 1st test has come back positive and I have an appt. for an ultra sound because they cant seem to see all of the babys chambers. Ive heard that, both of those together, increase my chances. How true is this? Does any one know? thnx for any info.

Proud_Parent 09-27-2002 11:49 AM

Well in my case, Neel (14 months) didn't move much. I had heard the stories that how babies move and kick all the time. Sometimes I had to drink 2 glasses of cold water/juice and wait for more than an hour before I would feel any movement. But again Ultra Sound was always fine till the last day.


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