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mom8times 01-17-2003 10:26 AM

Down Syndrome and Lice & Nitpicking :-/
Okay, I know this isn't a great subject, but right now I'm stuck in it with my 13 year old daughter Amy! And I'm at my wit's end! And until I can take care of it, Amy's not allowed back in school!
I have two main problems: first my 56 year old eyes. I can't even SEE the nits that the school nurse swears are there. Second problem, Amy won't hold still. Anytime I try to part her hair in back, she has this knee-jerk response of jerking her hair out of my hand or out of the way of the brush. So as I keep trying to find the nits I'm told are at the nap of her neck, Amy keeps jerking her hair away. Over and over and over. (HOW the heck did the NURSE find the darn things?)I've tried a sharp voice, bribes, tears.....nothing short of knocking her out will get her to hold still! I've even enlisted her sister to try and they say they can't find the nits either if Amy won't hold still. Remember, Amy is like a very large 2 year old.
So.....HELP!!! What to do?? WHAT TO DO????
Hugs to all, And where IS everyone.........again?

lexie's mom 01-18-2003 04:27 PM

peggy, Lexie had lice when she was in school and the only way we could get rid of them was with shampoo made for it. Maybe you might want to check with you dr. before you use it. I remember reading that you can get rid of dead nits by rinsing with a mixture of vinegar and water instead of combing them out. Maybe you can find our more info on web sites. I,m sure this won't help with amy . Good luck. Patty

Chayce's mom 01-18-2003 06:57 PM


Hi, I haven't had to deal with this issue YET, but I can sympathize. My son Chayce (4 years) hates his hair cut. My husband and I have to hold him down and shave his head, it's horrible! What about getting Amy a new movie she likes and making her favorite snack. While she is watching the movie and eating you can check her head. It works with Chayce, I know he is younger and smaller but maybe it could work for you too. Good luck!


mom8times 01-18-2003 10:45 PM

[quote]My husband and I have to hold him down and shave his head[/quote]

At this point, THIS seems like a tempting solution!! SHAVE HER HEAD!! LOL The shampoo has been done, but they want all nits removed. The vinegar and water helps too, but her sisters are telling me to give it up and cut her hair. It's almost to her waist and is so PRETTY!! I may lose this battle. I wonder what they'll do to me if I keep missing nits. (Wonder who will blink or the school nurse?)

bigsissy 02-10-2003 04:56 PM

I know this may sound "harsh" but what if you don't let go when she jerks her head away and it actually hurts when she tries to. We did this with a client once that hated her hair cut needless to say she tried to pull away twice and then stopped. she now sits so nice for her hair cut and even to comb out the knots.

Schools are tough on nits and lice. Here in our area they won't send a student home with nits they have to actually hatch out. Feel like moving? We are in New York.

mom8times 02-10-2003 07:48 PM

That's about what I ended up having to do, grab hold and hang on, and swatting her hands when she tried to rip it out of my hands. Only thing that worked. She had to know I wasn't giving up!
I hated it, she hated it, but she's now nit free.

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