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linmcgee 07-25-2001 01:52 PM

Downs Syndrome & Choroid Plexus Cyst
Just wondering if anyone out there has any info for me. My triple screen came out positive for Downs Syndrome. Chances were 1/155 (Should have been more like 1/1100 for my age 26). Went for a level II & they found no markers EXCEPT for a choroid plexus cyst. I opted not to do the amnio for a few reasons (scared, wouldn't change the outcome, fear of miscarriage, etc..) Has anyone out there had a similar experience?


Liana 04-30-2003 04:57 PM

I had a negative afp (1/4500) but I also have the cysts and two other markers (dialated kidneys and slightly larger in the back of the head). I don't know what to think. I am just waiting for my amnio results. how are things going for you?

pisces 06-18-2003 03:49 PM

What was the outcome of your pregnancy?

JessicaW 12-13-2004 07:07 PM

Re: Downs Syndrome & Choroid Plexus Cyst
I have read ALOT about DS. and CPC's and dialated kidneys lately, i am 18 yrs old and my 18 wk US. showed dialated kidneys and we have a follow up Level II US. jan 6th in which i will be 32 wks.

My doctor told me and my husband not to worry b/c dialated kidneys are a VERY VERY soft marker for DS. so i wouldnt worry about that part.

The CPC's are a soft marker also but in every case i have read they have cleared up and the babys have been born w/o DS.

i hope this helps at least a little bit,, and keep me posted on the outcomes!

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