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Sabache 09-07-2003 01:08 AM

I am 35 weeks pregnant & went for a monthly ultrasound Tuesday, 9/2/03. The U/S showed the Lateral Cerebral Ventricles in my son's brain were 12mm which is 2mm larger than average, which is 10mm. This is called
Ventriculomegaly. Up to now the pregnancy has gone fine in every way; all tests, the AFP and ultrasounds up to this point have been normal. The measurements and the weight of the baby have been & are good, weighs 6.7lbs at 35 weeks. The high-risk doctor explained to us that a LCV measurement of 20mm would mean the baby definitely has Downs Syndrome, though other sources say it indicates hydrocaphullus.
The doctor said that there were could be 3 possible causes of the enlarged ventricles; chromosomal, & two diseases, Cytomegalovirus & Toxoplasmosis (both of which I had been tested for in my first trimester). The re-tests also came up negative for both.
I would like to know if ventricular enlargement coming up so late in the pregnancy usually indicates a definite problem with the baby
Thank you,
Deb R.

Chayce's mom 09-07-2003 06:49 AM

Deb R,

I am sorry that you have to go through this. I don't know anything about ventriculomegaly and I couldn't find it in any of my down syndrome books. Are you going to do an amniocentesis? Have you been to a geneticist? I too had abnormal findings on my daughter's ultrsound and I remember the hell of waiting and worrying. I was sick to death with worry and made myself sicker by doing research on the internet.

I just wanted to give you my support. I understand how scared you are. I wish I could give you more information. Best of luck to you and your family. I will be thinking of you and your baby. I hope your baby turns out perfectly happy and healthy like mine did.

Best wishes,

jeanlo 10-03-2003 09:55 PM

Just did an ultrasound on a baby with hydrocephalus. I didn't realize this,but if this is an isolated finding (ie. nothing else is wrong)A good percentage of these kids do well.Yes it can be a sign of a chromosome abnormality, but not always. Good luck.

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