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KITTYCAT25 09-21-2006 09:03 PM

a long and confusing one!!
HEY GUYS I AM NEW HERE!! well, yesterday i went for my 20 week ultrasound and found out we were having a boy!! well, the tech was talking to my hubby while i was using the bathroom and i really couldn't hear much. well when i asked my hubby later he said that the tech saw 1 bright dot in the heart. he said when he saw that, he looked for hand and feet movement and he said there was plenty. he told my hubby that everything looked normal. and told us not to worry. but of course me being the worrying one, i went on the internet and searched for that. i found the whole thing about ICEF. when it said my baby could have d/s i freaked and am still freaking out! i don't know what to do!1 i am sorry if this sounds confusing. can someone give me a GOOD AND EASY (to understand) website to go to about this!! my hubby says i am worrying for nothing and that the tech said it is normal cause there was only one. he was looking for more "bright spots" but didn't see any!! thanks guys for listening! TIA, CATHY

angelique5 09-22-2006 01:39 PM

Re: a long and confusing one!!
Pregnancy sure can bring the panic out in us huh??

I don't think you should stress... have you had your AFP(triple screen)? was that your first ultrasound?

If there have been NO other indications that anything is wrong, and no one has SAID the words 'down syndrome' to you... then, just relax and enjoy your pregnancy!!

By the way...I don't know what the dot represented...but ALL fetus' have a hole in their heart, it's called a foramen ovale...that hole closes within the first 24 hours after birth,when the baby starts breathing air for the first if that's what the blurb was on the US... that's completely normal for the healthiest of babies!

jackiejetta_84 09-22-2006 04:53 PM

Re: a long and confusing one!!
That spot you are referring to is called an Echogenic intracardiac foci. I was at the OB for my 18-20 u/s on 9/11/06 and they called me 4 days later to tell me that our baby boy had this on his heart. They told me it was a soft marker for D/S, but not to worry. YEAH RIGHT! Right? They said since it doesn't run in either of DH or I's family's, that I am 22 and DH is 28, and that they had found no other markers that chances are the baby would be fine. They said I could go have a u/s with a genetic counselor so I did. She found no other markers either. They told me just to relax and enjoy the rest of my pg. I did not have my AFP done. I figure I am not having that or an amnio b/c whether this baby has D/S or not, I am not going to abort, therefore there is no reason for further tesing. Also, the rate of m/c in amnio is worse than ur odds of baby having D/S! Anyways, they say that this "calcium deposit" on the baby's heart has nothing to do with heart problems it is just that since we are only 18-20 wks along, baby's heart is rather small and beating rather fast. Therefore it can get a little calcium buildup in there. They say that as the baby grows and his heart get's bigger, and slows down, that spot dissapears. I hope nothing but the best for you, but understand that there are many of us going through this right now. Keep your head up and stress down for the baby. And keep me posted. I will keep you and the little bean in my prayers, but don't worry yet!! Good luck to you!

~Jackie G.~~

momtofour 09-22-2006 07:39 PM

Re: a long and confusing one!!

Look at the post from jackiejetta_84 called Echogenic intracardiac foci? She's going through the same thing and there is some information I wrote to her. My daughter also had the bright spot in her left ventricle- the only sign of ds. BUT... 5 % of all the normal population has it - it is even more common in people of Asian decent. When speaking to others about the findings in Sadie's heart- I found that a lot of my friends with perfectly healthy babies had it to. It is only one of 15 physical markers of ds and is actually considered to be a soft marker. With that said.. yes my beautiful little girl does have ds. She is the love of our lives and the center of our family. Although she has more dr. appointments, therapy and requires a little (and I mean only a little) more care than my other 3- she is the happiest, sweetiest, cutiest little girl ever!!!!!! I couldn't imagine her any other way. Good luck, I know your scared- just be positive!

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