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kmcdowell 05-20-2007 06:27 AM

Anyone? Atlanto occipital subluxation neck
My daughter Hailey is 12 and I requested that she has neck x-ray done at her physical 2 weeks ago. Only because it had never been done. Without telling me much, doctor calls and refers me to a childrens hospital to neoro surgeon. They set appt. within a few days.

My husband and myself drive 45 minutes, wait forty five minutes for this specialist to tell me that he forgot to do research before we came. She has atlanto occipital rather then the axial that most kids have. Asked what her limitations were and was told that it was my call. Told to come back in the Fall. He is going to do his research. Ok, this condition is worse than the latter. It is rare. She has no symptoms. Want to keep it that way. Tried to get info all I can find is radiology report type info. Does say if more kids would get the x-ray done they are sure more kids with Down Syndrome have this condition. Anyone have info please post


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