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souds1 10-04-2007 06:38 PM

Doc said large, fetal head could =down syndrome??
Hi all,
My sis had her 2nd ultrasound and her doc told her that her baby has a %10 chance of down syndrome because the body is measuring at 31 wks and head at 34 or 35 wks. Her doc said the chances go up even higher because she is 36yrs old. Everything else looks normal with the fetus. Her doc wanted to do an amnio on the spot, but my sister refused. She's extremely upset, as she's miscarried 5 times previous and never thought she could get pregnant again. Any one ever hear of this or had this type of diagnoses? Thanks

goldyfm 10-05-2007 06:55 PM

Re: Doc said large, fetal head could =down syndrome??
I don't have an answer other than to be supportive whatever the mom to be decides. My daughter was 35 with her first pregnancy and she declined any testing as well. It was a matter of her personal choice. I know I had a little background from Nursing school on obstetrics and I was aware of all the recommendations of testing but it was ultimately her decision whether I agreed or not. I am sure there is lots of research material online if you really want to get some answers. I hope all turns out well for your sister and her little one. It must be nice to have a sister who shows so much love and concern. Take care.

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