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VMH 11-06-2007 06:19 AM

Downs Syndrome and Food Allergies
My sister (45 years old) who has Downs and a host of accompanying problems has been doing beautifully for years. She is slim and trim and as productive as she can be. In part we credit this to my mother's research into food allergies and nutritional supplements. Theresa is allergic to corn, wheat/gluten, apples and other products. When my mother started to control these things Theresa has maintained a healthy weight though sometimes there is an issue with her tending toward underweight if we don't watch her. She also has high cholesterol, which is also controlled through diet. There is information in the alternative/complimentary medicine circles that ADHD, hyperactivity or discipline problems can actually be cause or exacerbated by food additives; high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and other additives. Thus given it appears that Downs people seem to be more sensitive perhaps food additives or allergies may also be contributing to the discipline, aggression problems. My mother over all these years has had mixed success with "real" medical doctors and their experience with nutrition and its affect on health. So she does her own research and through diets and supplements Theresa is in good health. Recently, not due to Downs, she started having kidney failure to which my mother promptly did her research and has Theresa on a low potassium diet. The specialist said "I don't know what you are doing but keep doing it!" He was impressed that her stabilization was due to diet and said he wished more patients would use nutrition rather than expecting one pill to handle everything. And as anecdotal evidence, Theresa's cognitive abilities have appeared to improved since she has been on a low potassium diet. (At one time she was tested at an IQ of 47)

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