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same777 05-15-2008 10:14 PM

baby @ 22 weeks possibly has down syndrome
Hello there i am new here. I was recommended by someone to post something here and the people here are very helpful. so i will try this out. well we just came from our sonogram for 20 weeks and the baby is actually apparently 22 weeks. they said that everything is perfect except the neck is a little bit thick and the legs or the femur is quite short. they said that everything looks like 22 weeks but the legs are around 20 weeks as far as growth goes. doc says we can do an amnio test to be absolutely positive about the situation because he cant really say for sure. It is our first child and me and my girl friend are worried sick i couldnt stop crying. whether or not it has DS we will love it regardless. but just wanted to knw what you think. i mean he says those were the 2 symptoms of DS so we did the amnio test and have to wait 10 days. also the eyes seemed rounded he says thats a good sign cos DS is smaller. everything from the heart to the spine was perfect except for these 2 things. i am really sad. and he said he knws people that have gone through this and it turns out fine but only way to knw is amnio test. i just wanna knw if you guys have ever been through this scare too. thanks so much and hope to hear from you.

TEdds83 05-19-2008 01:56 PM

Re: baby @ 22 weeks possibly has down syndrome
Hi Same777, try not to worry about the situation until you hear if something is actually wrong from your doctor. Ya never know. It may be all ok! Lets hope and pray so. I know you must be so very worried. Regardless of the outcome you know you will love the baby and that's all that matters. I think down children are so lovable. They really are precious. I hope and pray that your baby is healthy. But should there be a problem God will give you the grace to handle it. Keep us posted!:angel:

angela26 05-20-2008 10:55 PM

Re: baby @ 22 weeks possibly has down syndrome
Hi, At my 20 week scan the lady said that my baby was small, she asked me how big were my other two kids they were in between 7-8pounds.When I went to my doctors 2 weeks later she said there were 2 soft markers . I didn't know what that ment so apparently the back of the neck measured >6mm and there was a shadow on the babies heart(a bright spot). So these are ''soft markers'' for down syndrome. They gave me another ultra sound that day and the results were the neck fold was >5mm which is pretty normal for 22 weeks but there was still a bright spot on the babies heart but the lady said it usually disappears before the birth and doesn't affect the working of the heart at all.
So from 22 weeks on I worried. My doctor gave me another ultra sound a week before I gave birth and the bright spot had disappeared.On the 30th of January 2008 I gave birth to a BIG baby boy 8 .1/2.pounds my biggest baby out of all of them. And he is perfect,healthy,and the best thing that ever happen to me. I do think these days they may tell you a little bit to much information. And you have to think its soft markers - that means down syndrome babies are found with these + other Hard markers so if I was you try not to worry I know its hard but it sounds to me the baby is just find .
Goodluck with everything let me know how it all goes.:angel::angel::angel:

cooter221 05-28-2008 02:44 PM

Re: baby @ 22 weeks possibly has down syndrome
While amniocentesis & Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) are touted as highly accurate, they are not 100% accurate...I have heard (anecdotal) stories of parents being told their baby most likely had Down's (or other disorders), and then the baby turned out not to have it.

[url][/url] THe March of Dimes is a good source of info.

Praying all works out well...

Downsmom01 06-10-2008 12:34 PM

Re: baby @ 22 weeks possibly has down syndrome
All of these test aren't 100%. I had all of this and was told that everything was fine. That fine is now 7 and has DS. I wouldn't trade him for the world. What is in your heart that matters. I didn't care what I had, I knew I would love my baby no matter what. I would have 20 Down Syndrome children if I could. I have 3 children ages 17, 9 and and Joshua. I am in the process of looking to adopt another DS baby or child now. I feel that this is my calling and I have done the classes and am in the process of the homestudy. See I always said if I ever had a disabled child I wanted a Down Syndrome Child. God gave me what I wanted and I feel I have alot more love to go around. We have a saying around here, if we were all just bones and organs, you would never see the difference.

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