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Careyw624 10-28-2009 11:32 AM

Son Inappropiately Touching Girl in Class
My son is 20 yrs. old and is in a Work program at our local ISD. He was helping pass out lunch trays in his classroom today with a girl partner & when she bent over he hit her on the butt.
Well they suspended him for today & tomorrow. This is totally inappropiate behavior. The girls parents where notifed of the incident & they just might decide to press charges. His IQ is 42(4-5 yrs.) but the law in Michigan doesn't care.
A social worker comes to the class once a week for 30 min. and counsels as a group setting. He has NOT counseled on Good Touch Bad Touch since last year when he did limited instruction on the "Circles" program. He said he is NOT allowed to counsel CI impaired people unless he is "CERTIFIED" in human sexuality according to our state law. However his classroom teacher can he is EI/LI Certified. I would never want his teacher doing this because of other notes I have received home that my son needed reminded to stay focused, his productivity needs improvement, etc...........duh doesn't he know what the Down Syndrome disablity intales?

So, I need suggestions from anyone that has dealt with these "SEXUAL" issues before.


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