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greg911 03-09-2010 08:58 PM

does my baby have down's syndrom
Hi I am a first time father and the ultrasound came back good the bone structure was devolping in the nasal are and the back of the neck was good. my wife did the blood test and they told us a 1 in 930 chance of ds not sure what this means and now we have to go back for another blood test anybody able to help.

writeleft 03-09-2010 09:45 PM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom
Hi Greg...I am sorry that you and your wife are going through this...The best hing you can do is wait for the results of the tests, and go from there. The "what if's" will drive you nuts, and that's not good for you, and especially mom. How far along is your baby?

greg911 03-10-2010 02:55 AM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom
Hi thanks for the support. We are 14 weeks and plus but I am not telling my wife about going on this web sight. Just don't want to stess her out. It's just frustrating that they gave us the number 1 in 930 and no idea what that means. God willing I pray that we have a healthy baby but if not will deal with that. I have no plans of getting rid of this one. God never gives us more then what we can handle. Thanks for all the help it really made my morning.

writeleft 03-10-2010 08:06 AM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom
Greg, I would take the 1 in 930 as good news...I chance in 930 births...those odds are pretty good, don't you think?

greg911 03-10-2010 10:00 AM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom

Thanks alot for the advice. I just freaked when the clinic called and did not know what the numbers meant. Happy to know that it was not as bad as i made it out to be. Amazing how you can fall in love with something that is not even there yet.

writeleft 03-10-2010 10:20 AM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom
Wait till the little one is born...that love will multiply by a million times, and will last forever...the most beautiful thing in the world.

greg911 03-10-2010 10:50 AM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom
Thanks alot for the support. Cant wait till my little angle arives in this world...

writeleft 03-10-2010 11:47 AM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom
I'm really happy for you and your wife. I am thinking that the blood test she got is one of the typical screenings all pregnant women that right? Unfortunately whomever gave your results explained them poorly, so next time you don't understand (and there will be), ask them to clear it up for you....Worrying is the worst thing you can do. Enjoy the pregnancy, it is a wonderful time that goes by really quick.

greg911 03-10-2010 11:53 AM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom
Yep it is called a combitest. And once again thanks for the help. I have to say that it is the most exiting time in my life. Cant wait for the next part of this journey to start...

greg911 03-24-2010 10:23 AM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom
Hi all

It has been a while but just got some good news. The results from the 2nd blood test came in and the chance for ds just went from 1 in 930 to 1 in 4300 very low risk, and it is my birthday today. This is the best present i could have asked for. I thanks all of you for your support and thank god every day for my wife and baby. Will come back at least one more time to tell you all if it is a boy or girl.....

greg911 04-21-2010 02:51 PM

Re: does my baby have down's syndrom
Hi all I just wanted to tell you all is going well now and we are having a little boy .....


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