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hmahappy 02-06-2014 01:18 PM

Sister (adult) getting "stuck".
I'm wondering if any of you have witnessed this in their kids or siblings.

My sister who is now 38, has started to have this thing where she gets stuck. She doesnt want to move, doesnt want to do anything, just wants something but doesnt know what she wants, and it seems sort of like she's in a daze.

It used to happen before, but she would get better in a few minutes. Now she might spend hours, literally.

so for example, we are outside and she wants to eat a sandwich and we tell her not now, then she gets "stuck" for an hour, refusing to move, just standing there or going to stand next to the wall.

In the airport, refusing to leave the plane. literally. eventually 2 security gaurds have to carry her out which scares her so she starts crying and yelling.

I'm just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this?

This is in addition to OCD where she wants to wear the same shirt every day, and will wait hours if the shirt is not there.

sunshine61 03-21-2015 07:58 AM

Re: Sister (adult) getting "stuck".
Yes I have a 27 year old with DS. She does this also but not quite so bad. My daughter will sit and stare at the table like in a daze if she can't have a second helping or pop etc.. She won't talk. We usually can talk her out of it so its not quite what you are describing. Sometimes we don't know we have upset her and will find her on the love seat (the only place she will sit) just staring at the floor, who knows how long she's been there?. Not sure I have an answer except for reasoning with her and maybe discussing consequences if it happens again. My daughter has a Kindle and I threaten her with that. Hope this helps. Please type me back if you can!

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