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winchester466 05-19-2016 03:54 PM

Urinary problems on Prevacid or other PPIs?
Hello Everyone!
I was wondering if any one else out there has any any negative side effects from taking Prevacid or other PPIs that effect your bladders and urinary tracts.

Let me tell you my story. I was having stomach problems for about 2 months until i finally was able to go to the Gastroenterologist and get an endoscopy done. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, mild non-erosive gastritis, and esophigitis. My gastro prescribed me 15mg of prevacid a day for 2 weeks to a month but said depending on how i feel in that time i may or may not have to take it longer or for the rest of my life. I'm 20 years old and the thought of having to take a medication for the rest of my life starting at 20 years old really made me upset and extremely worried. But i took the medicine and just kept tract of how i felt. The morning after i started taking the medicine i felt like i had to go pee. which was normal since i just woke up. i went, but the feeling was still there. i went again but only a few drops came out and so i was worried it was a UTI because i was having terrible diarrhea since i got sick. i made a doctors appointment for that day to go get tested and it came back negative. the doctor prescribed me Cipro anyways just in case but it didn't help. i went back after 7 days and she said i was still negative and she didn't know why my bladder hurt or why my urethra felt like i had an intense urge to go. i went ahead and told her to write me a referral to go see the urologist because this obviously wasn't normal. i even told her i started the prevacid but she told me that it wouldn't affect me that way. She just told me that it was not diabetes (which the urine test showed no glucose in my urine which was a good thing because of how much i had to run to the bathroom even though it was only small amounts) and that it was probably because of me not being able to eat since ive been so sick and that my urine is just ultra concentrated and irritating to my bladder. She sent me home.

Fast forward a week and a half. The Urinary problem got much worse as the days progressed. eventually after 13 days of prevacid i had to stop because i had so many bad side effects that made me more sick that before. the urinary urgency and bladder pain was SO BAD on the 13th day i thought i was going to die. it felt like my bladder was going to explode at any second all hours of the day. it was unbearable. once i stopped the next few days i had worse side effects on top of what i was already feeling. i noticed after i stopped the medicine the bladder aches and urgency calmed down SOME. not completely but it was becoming more bearable that before.

Turns out my doctor made me an appointment for the urologist so i gladly go. the urologist looked over my UA results from the past 2 doctors visits and didn't find anything concerning. she did though, tell me that PPIs like prevacid can change my stomach acid by removing what it normally needs for my body to digest well and causing my kidneys to make urine that is alkalinic or more irritating to my bladder and urinary tract than previously. She preformed a small pelvic exam and checked my urethra to make sure the tissue was healthy which she said it was and nothing seemed wrong. she even gave me an ultrasound and said i had 16cc of urine in my bladder after i went to the bathroom maybe 20 minutes before and she said that that shouldn't be enough to make me have to urge to go. She gave me some Oxybutinin Chloride (5mg) and told me that if they didn't help me at all to come back in a week. But she did tell me to make a follow up appointment in a month to see how im doing.

Ive been of the Prevacid for over a month and im still having the urinary problems. ill have good days then ill have the occasional bad days where my bladder aches all the time and my urethra hurts like i have to go pee really bad but ive been holding it all day. ive noticed that if i eat something that causes acid reflux (greasy pizza, chilli. etc.) my bladder aches more and i get the urge more. I have read up on Intersitial Cystitis and did read that foods may cause flare ups but sometimes i will eat stuff that will cause flare ups and it wont effect me. i ate 2 cups of spicy ramen and ginger ale and had no problems or greasy mexican food and felt fine but then other days food like that will effect me. So im not sure what is going on but i have a feeling that it is the prevacid and the gastro was wrong and the urologist is right. frankly i believe what the urologist has told me since they specialize in that area. I hope this is not IC because im only 20 and this is so debilitating. i have to plan my plans around this. i have to make sure if i do go out will i be able to use the bathroom all the time or will i have enough medication to last me until im able to get a refill.

please tell me there are other people out there with this problem. i need answers!!!!!

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