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Cosmo1221 04-15-2018 07:04 AM

High blood pressure medicine and sterility
Three weeks ago, I was prescribed medicine to treat my high blood pressure. Iím a 29-year-old male, so this is my first time taking pills to lower my blood pressure. I was given Lisinopril-Hydrochlorothiazide (Linsop/Hctz) at a dosages of 10-12.5 mg per tablet.

The medicine has successfully lowered my blood pressure reasonable, though not ideal, levels. However, there was a notable a side effect which happened shortly upon taking the pill: my erections werenít as hard. But I didnít notice is any significant changes to my libido.

Iím not currently sexually active, so the mild erection problems didnít bother me so much. But I still wondered why I had this issue, so I did some research on the Internet last Thursday. I discovered that the Hctz, a diuretic (water pill), is the reason why I canít get as hard. I read that diuretics can significantly reduce menís testosterone levels by depleting the body of zinc.

Like I said, Iím not concerned about the mild erection problems. But Iím deeply concerned about the possibility of being sterile (since I want to have a family in the future), especially if it is permanent. I immediately quit taking the medicine last Friday, then scheduled an appointment with my doctor for the following Monday to get a different high blood pressure pill which wouldnít cause infertility. I also plan to buy some zinc tablets at Walgreens later today and take them daily, hoping it will reverse the damage which Linsop/Hctz caused.

So here are my questions:

Am I permanently sterile? Has Linsop/Hctz caused irreversible damage to my fertility after three weeks of taking it? Will I need to take zinc tablets for the rest of my life to have kids in the future? Or will my body recover, since Iím not taking it anymore?

Are there any other blood pressure pills which donít cause fertility problems? Also, are there any other blood pressure pills which donít cause erection issues?

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