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Clottage 07-20-2018 06:05 PM

I was going to stay at a friends house because I found out I have a DVT last night. On my way I stopped by the doctor to ask a fast question. Ended up being there three hours for tests. After I drive to my friends and realize I left my pills in the car!!!!

I thought no worries I'll tell my pharmacist and they'll order new ones. Nope! They scoffed and told me it'll cost me $900.

So I call the drug company and they sai unofficially it can be stored up to 104 degrees for a month...

It was in my backpack and I didn't get them out til later. Thoughts???

quincy 07-21-2018 08:47 AM

Re: Xaletro
And how long did you leave them in the car?

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