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Neuromind2005 05-08-2005 01:48 AM

I figured I would post this on the Drug board instead of ADD board because I will explain that ADDerall , Even though is schedule 2 narcotic, it has and can be very very usefull in other mental disorders I feel. Yes ADD, is primary the Use for ADDERALL, but if you dig deeper into things, I came across a disorder, called Reward Deficiency Syndrome, im sure some or most of you heard of it, and IM not sure how its diagnosed , but, my theory is this:

Adderall or amphetamines release dopamine from the reward center or nucleus accumbens in the limbic system. Now, Someone like myself who primarily abused alcohol, GHB, and Opiates, NOT SPEED, but what im getting at is these 3 drugs all effect dopamine, esp GHB. GHB was my worst addiction and has very potent dopamine alterations. Research cannot confirm any long term effects , but after I used GHB 24 7 for 4 yrs, I never felt right after I stopped , and this took numerious rehabs, other meds, long term rehabilitation, and still used, but went to opiates. I just never felt a scense of zest for life, NOT SUICIDE, or even majory depressed because let me say I took over 7 different serotonin medications, Zoloft being the best one, but still only took the depression sad or angry mood away, but not a positive mood. I worked out, ate properly, took so many supplements, was sober 1 yr taking only zoloft, , etc. NOThing. I would maybe feel ok part of the time, but something was not right. I hybernated, I laid around.
THEN I came about ADD. A doctor was willing to test me, which I must have failed and was given ADDERALL. From the start of such, I never felt so normal, Like my Dopaminergic system just kicked back in. Now I dont mean Im flying high or speeding around, yes the first 2 days you really feel the adderall, but that wears off, and you dont notice it after that but its working , just because the way your operating your life, I mean i find myself organized, sharp, reading, working, talking more, online researching, NOt dillydallying . SO, I feel that if anyone suffers from a bad addiction, first try to diagnose your problem, so you mentally feel better, less craviing, etc.
I see addicts just rehabing it, then relapsing, because they have some mental disorder, like ADD, Depression panic disorder, which doesnt get treated and the drug is the only relief.

IF this sound sorta right, which I may be wrong, please hit me a reply.

dgugs 06-01-2005 12:53 PM

My Son passed away Oct 2003, besides wanting to die and still sometimes do. I Could not get going in the morning. I have an excellent Pdoc and he asked if I wanted a mild stimulant. He prescribed 5 mg Adderal
twice a day. It worked great, but I only take them as needed. Maybe 3 times a week.
Although it is amphetamine, it doesn't seem to take away much appetite and also can sleep at night. Seems like a pretty clean drug and a good alternative, like you say for differant problems. Definately helps you get things done, without the jitters.

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