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LoveAthena 09-25-2005 04:52 PM

Wellbutrin XL 450mg plus Effexor 150mg
I am taking 450mg of wellbutrin xl and effexor 150mg PER day...
Anyone else have the same combo.... I feel I am on a lot of medication. Also is my combo of medication really bad if I drank alcohol... All these threads on effexor are scaring me.

coffeegirl2 09-26-2005 06:19 AM

Re: Wellbutrin XL 450mg plus Effexor 150mg
I take Wellbutrin and I a few other meds. It might be one that you are not able to drink alcoholic beverages with. Just in case, it would be worth a call to the local pharmacy. They would be able to give you an answer on your question as to whether or not you can drink alcohol with either drug or not.

Since taking my meds, my doctor told me to stay clear and away from all alcohol. So, I've been off the drinking wagon ever since. It stinks because I used to love drinking wine a lot!! Mmm... good stuff. Oh well... Now I'm a coffeegal! LOL

Hang in there!!


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