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  • Seroquel, am i saved or persecuted?

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    Seroquel, am i saved or persecuted?

    i was perscribed seroquel after a hospitalization due to drug induced psychosis (time leary's liquid). at first it just made me feel kinda numb and sleepy. i was perscribed 200mg's in the morning 500mg's at night. i started to take an extra pill or so to make me sleep when i was bored.

    normally this pill would litteraly KNOCK ME OUT...not fall asleep no..i mean i take the 300mg's at night and after about 20 minutes i can't even open my eyes or move i just lay down and pass out. however, one day i took an extra one to sleep, but it didn't make me tired, i took another, and nothing...then the panic hit me. it has never been the same since.

    i suddenly became incapable of syncing my movement with my intention to move. i would go to reach for something and my hand would travel past what i was reaching a computer lag affect. i was also panicking and my heart started beating fast...i culdn't even walk anymore without feeling toataly loss of control...i was confined to a pacing motion...and constantly had to keep a pace to remain somewhat in control.

    ever since then every time i took seroquel i was launched into a full state of panic and a tachycardia attack(the panick attacks me be tachycardia induced..if u haven't had a tachycardia attack they are very scary). my dossage was upped to 500 miligrams after a vist with my doctor...prior to the change in the nature of the drug. All of my attempts to communicate with my doctor have been shot down. I've told him about the rapid heart beat...and nothing worked. at this point i was on my own. i knew it...and i was scared, but i had 2 choices...kill myself (which i planned on doing in the future) or try to deal with it before i did that.

    for about 2 months straight i was taking the 500mg's at night...every night i had to fall asleep in a full state of panick AND or...felt like i was falling through the world when i closed my eyes so it was hard to close them sometimes without that feeling. the only way i could describe by having you imagine that everyday, at night, when ur about to go to sleep...someone busts down the door screaming, fires a shotgun into the air and then says if u don't fall asleep i'm going to kill was as bad or worse than that.

    at this point i decided to get a job so i could make enough money to get a check card and buy some pain meds online to kill myself. the job turned out to be a life saver coupled with the fact i started taking MY medicine again (i've been a daily user for about 6 years now and i had to come off after the hospital, thank you marry).

    over time i became my own doctor. the evolution of my dosage has been shifting positively ever since. I began takine 100mg's in the morning...then i wuld split my pill in half...and take 2 50mg doses through the next 8 hours of the day. i wuld then cut 2 100mg pills into 50mg slices and take those about every 45 minutes untill i was ready to sleep...then take the 300mg's when i was tired so i could fall asleep before the panic hit me. this helped time went by and i became more stable day after dosage rules have gotten less and less strict. i now no loner take full pills...i take between 300 and 500 mg's of 50mg spread out doses through out the day...this avoids any peaks and vally's from the high doses i used to have to take...

    i now only see my psychiatrist twice a year as mandatory for continuing with my perscription...i'm pretty sure my doctor knows i'm friends with marry again, and as far as he knows i'm still taking 200mg's in the morning and 500mg's at night. i have a very shakey trust with him...and no longer feel i need a doctor anymore. i have been my own doctor since the day i wanted to die becuase of how much pain i was in from the seroquel traumas. i've tried to reason with him, but any time i complain about something his answer is to up the meds so i stopped complaining (considering upping the meds ment killing myself).

    so as i said now i take between 300 and 500mg's through out the day in 50mg doses...depending on time scheduling if i remember to take them and what not. i've been doing fine, and fine, and get better every day actualy now that i think about it.

    i'm thinking about coming off of it, but i think in order to do that i need the guts to say to my doctor i'm coming off of this drug with or without you. I know how to come off of the medication myself. I've been lowering my doses little by little everyday just by living...i did not do it intentionaly. forgetting to take my meds at different times every day for different reasons (i had to take about 10 doses a day at timed intervals just to survive so I forget doses sometimes.) I am not even sure if i need the seroquel to sleep anymore considering i usualy fall asleep before remembering to take my bedtime dose which is how the dose got lowered slowly and slowly over a period of 6 months day by day.

    so now i'm down to as i said between about 300 and 500 mg's a day spread through out the day in 50 mg doses. no adverse psychotic tachycardia has decreased largely, but i still average about 110-118 beats per minute as a normal constant...jumps up to about 150 or so if i think about something stressfull or get excited...tachycardia induced panick attacks are almost non existant now.

    so questions, comments, and anything anyone has to say about seroquel would be GREAT.

    drug interactions...everything...

    has seroquel helped you...hurt you...done nothing?
    why did you start taking it?
    why did you stop?

    all information would be great...

    also when i take pain ears become very sensitive and hurt very much and my head feels like it's being squeezed.

    I have been diagnosed bipolar at 12...put on prozac...that induced mania...diagnosed bipolar...switched from drug to drug every month cuz none of them worked...untill at age 15 my parents got divorced i stopped taking them...slept for 3 days straight when through 3 days of intense withdrawal...then i got better and better everyday also had long term withdrawal effects...i was affectively off medication...i was back in school...passing...and got to junior year in highschool...junior year summer psychosis came...i passed 3 quarters of highschool senior year in a psychotic state unmedicated (yeah i kick that much *** hehe)...left after 4th quarter cuz the state of mind i was in was beggening to wear on i didn't want to graduate becuz i was scared of going to college)...i was hospitalized around january 2005...and been on the meds ever since. that is my breife history.

    some of what i know of this drug includes...

    it is a dopamine and seratonal antagonist. it acts on 2 specific dopamine recepters i forget which ones i think d2 and d4 i culd be wrong..and i'm not sure of the seratonin's an atypical anti-psychotic fairly new in the anti-psychotic scene...however the new "fad" is i won't go into it, but if aripiprazole was a person i wuld do very mean things to them...that drug was PAIN incarnate. i refused to take abilify and was put on seroquel...maybe i need to learn not to be afraid to refuse that heh...

    so if u've been on seroquel let me know please! i want to know more about this drug and how it has affected everyone else. I consider myself a perscription drug vet in alot of ways becuz of how many i've been on, so any questions i will try to reply to as well.

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