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bombom 12-27-2012 03:24 PM

Ritalin what're its ups and downs?

I have been prescribed by my doctor to take ritalin. I have did some research on this medicine because I have heard of some of the side effect issues. My question is, if anyone of you has, or is taking this med? If so what type of side effects if there's any that it maybe causing any of you? Or if any of you has taking this med but has had to stop because of some major side effect issues? I'm more worried, and curious about the later, becase it's better to hear first hand from those that have, or is experiencing these side effects by taking this med. I haven't started taking this med yet because I'm still trying to get more info. on this med before taking a chance at starting to take it first. I hope to get some feedback on this issue thank you!

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