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boston 07-16-2004 10:58 AM

Adult Dyslexia
I have been having a lot of problems lately with getting numbers and letter mixed up. The last few months it seems to be getting worse. Is it possible develope dyslexia as an adult(I am 40) or could there be some other reasons?

Murphy 07-17-2004 06:56 PM

Re: Adult Dyslexia
I can relate. 5 yrs. ago, I noticed I had to re-read or re-write things. I have High IQ
& I worked hard to not let on. Spoke to Dr. & asked exactly what you asked. Said it
isn't possible! He knew me well, so I asked him to quickly dictate a phrase. He then
saw letters in words reversed. Thought it was stress. Months later, words reversed
on paper or I'd think `red-house' & speak house-red. Told Dr. I felt like a brain glich
was happening. It still is & I type slow on the computer for accuracy. Mri showed a
small vessel problem in the left brain but nothing to them. I believe inflammation
happens off/on causing pressure. Writing skills come from left brain. I was told I had
a `gliosis' or small ischemic attack type stroke. Common over 40. Don't know when it
happens. Controlling stress over this was difficult but I've learned to accept it & the
MD's don't get it. We suffer from what I call IDN. (I Dun-Know)! I take Xanax off/on
& it slows my brain down enough to breathe before a task. It's a neuron thing. You're not alone or losing your marbles.

andybanandy 07-17-2004 11:24 PM

Re: Adult Dyslexia
could also be a "convergence insufficiency" which i have learned about reciently, i have it actually!.

do you by any chance go on your computer alot (or anything similar, like tv?)

people are frequently labeled dyslexic or attention deficite, when they really have convergence insufficiency, which has similar symptoms (in fact, i was treated for add and on retalin for a few months, and i am also having trouble reading/writing, which is newly developed.

basically what convergence insufficieny is, is when your convergence muscles in your eyes (muscles that make your eyes focus inwards, to focus on nearby things) are a little weak, mostly due to not enough exercise (in the eyes, believe it or not) this can be fixed by doing simple eye exercises.

describe you symptoms a bit more, in detail, that might help a bit

Murphy 07-22-2004 07:06 PM

Re: Adult Dyslexia
Andy: Great that U brought this topic up. Convergence is a very common problem &
especially now w/ computers. A quick eye test matching or connecting objects can
dx it. `Tell me when the 2 dots become 1', or the `2 lines are 1 straight line'. It's more
common test w/ kids unless adults mention letters come/go weird. A real problem is
resolved simply w/ prism ground in 1 lens to arch the muscle to bend in/out or up/dwn.
I'm retired from the field. I hope others will read your findings & get checked. A reg.
MD just doesn't think that direction & we don't want to talk out loud & get a label.
You may have helped many.

andybanandy 07-23-2004 01:31 PM

Re: Adult Dyslexia
hehe, i hope i did help people
when i went to my psych to get treated for add (which i dont have,), he didnt even hear about convergence insufficiency before. that raelly surprised me

boston 07-26-2004 07:12 AM

Re: Adult Dyslexia
Thanks for the replies. My job does require that I am on the computer all day.
I do computer drafing so I work with number and letters.
My symptoms are more like Muphys, its more like a brain glitch. I am typing along and sometimes its like my mind just goes blank for a second and I have to think about what I was typing or I am going a long and re-read what I have typed and I have numbers and letters mixed. Not words like what Murphy described just one or two numbers/letters.

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