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bobocassidy 12-08-2012 10:19 PM

Do you think I could be dysgraphic?
I am a 17 year old girl and I have some pretty ugly handwriting. Someone said I might be dysgraphic so I'm checking it out. I don't really know all the characteristics of dysgraphia so I'll just list some things.
I guess I write kinda fast, I usually finish copying notes down before the people around me.

Writing doesn't feel natural too me, it feels very odd, I can't describe it.

Sometimes I'll stumble on a word and just get stuck trying to write a letter. I always get letter such as "o" and "e", also the letters "q," "p," "d," "b," "g," "j," "h" and the letters "m," "n."

Often I'll look back on things I've written and notice some of the above letters written wrong or an unfinished word. Occasionally I'll also see words switched.

Here are some words I've misspelled. I know how to spell them but I'll write them wrong. "bourders" instead of "borders." "debt" instead of "dept"(this one is a common one.) "dule" instead of "rule." "5x4" instead of "54x." "woury" instead of "worry." "obave" and "obove" instead of "above."

When I was younger I would ALWAYS mix up capital and lowercase letters when writing. EX: I wouldn't capitalize the beginning of sentences, and stick random capital letters in the middle of a sentence.

When I'm writing essays/free response I will know what I want to write in my head but when I start writing I will forget it. I don't know if that's related or not, I feel like it's a common problem but I'm sticking it in this list just in case it is.

I would consider myself pretty smart. I problem solve very well. My IQ is either 126 or 136, I forgot but it's one of those two. I get decent grades, honor roll every year up until 7th grade, my grades have been getting progressively worse. My reading's fine, I had very advanced reading in elementary school(i don't know about know, they don't test it) but I read really slowly & I can't skim.

Here are some picture of my handwriting. The pages in the notebook are my notes. The white page & torn out page with checks are essays that I wrote. Also the white page is wide ruled, while the others are college ruled. It is easier for me to write on wide ruled as I have big handwriting.

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