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  • Constant feeling that food is stuck

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    Old 07-31-2019, 06:10 PM   #1
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    Unhappy Constant feeling that food is stuck

    I'm honestly afraid. I'm scheduled for an endoscopy on 13th August 2019. Doctor say there might be risk as I'm very skinny, she can't give me too much sedation as it will drop my usual already low blood pressure.

    I have been experiencing feeling of food stuck in my esophagus since 19th July 2019, I accidentally swallowed a not so well chew cabbage on that day. It went down eventually (I guess? As doctor say is impossible for cabbage to be stuck in esophagus after so many days). Ever since that day, I have anxiety issues. I have been crying on a daily basis and I'm not interested in food anymore. On 23rd July, i was eating cracker during work, it got stuck in my esophagus and am having some chest pain and difficulty breathing, I thought that's it, I'm gonna die. It was so strange, it was well chew. Not large bite. And I always have no issues with bread or cracker. Went to ER, while waiting for 4 hours to see a doctor, it eventually went down but I experience pain in my upper middle abdomen. ENT doctor did a scope down to my windpipe without any throat spray or etc, she found nothing. She think it is just my gastric issues.

    2 days later, I woke up feeling that last night dinner (which is rice) is still stuck in my chest so I went to ER at another hospital. Blood test, x-ray and etc all clear.

    Things have been a little better, I started eating rice and my normal diet but after every meal, I still feel that I'm so full to the point that food is stacking up in my esophagus. It takes very long for food to be digested. I don't feel hungry easily and I feel full after a few bite of food. Liquid is totally fine for me. It is just solid. I still haven't master up the courage to try eating bread and cracker yet.

    Went to to see a gastroenterologist yesterday. She think that partially is my GERD plus gastritis and my anxiety. She told me, "it is just 12 days since you experience this." I don't know, I feel that none of the doctor treat patients with dysphagia seriously, they all think it was all in our mind. People take swallowing and eating for granted, I'm dying to go back to feeling normal.

    She ordered an endoscopy for in case as I asked her could it be esophagus cancer as part of the symptoms will be trouble swallowing. She say it is rare for people at my age of 23 but she can't guarantee it unless she do an endoscopy.

    She brief me through all the risk and etc. I was quite afraid of what is she gonna find out after the test and I'm kinda of feel hesitant to do it because of the side effects of sedation. I'm only 32kg at the height of 146cm. I have low blood pressure as well. My dad is very worried about the procedure for me as well even though he went through it without any sedation. He say it is just horrific. After he heard the risk of endoscopy for me due to my low blood pressure, he was even more against it.

    I feel like a burden to my parents to be honest. I have always been a big eater, healthy, a dancer and eat whatever I want to eat without any issues. Now, I feel like I'm am stressing my parents out, I feel so bad to see my dad cry because of me.

    "You will be fine. I don't mind dying in your place as long as you're healthy," my dad said. I feel so bad hearing that, ever since then I tried to eat, to chew my food well and swallow but I still have the sensation of food getting stuck. I'm at the edge now.

    I've been coming to this forum since then.. it makes me feel that I'm not alone in this.

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    Re: Constant feeling that food is stuck

    I just had an endoscopy with twilight sedation; it was done while I was mostly awake, with Demoral, not anesthesia. I felt absolutely nothing and it was over in under 10 minutes.... can you find out if they do twilight sedation, or its also called conscious sedation? This does not lower your BP the same way anesthesia does..

    The test is a piece of cake and at your age, cancer is highly unlikely...dysphagia came come from other things- and their are therapists who specialize in swallowing...procedures which can enlarge your dont want to live like this forever, get the test done and see what they find and suggest.
    Good luck!
    RRMS- dx 05

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    Re: Constant feeling that food is stuck

    Dear AngelSLQ,

    Sorry that you had that scare! But doctor let you know you are alright. The abdominal pain easily may be from fear. I get that when I am fearful or anxious. You're definitely not alone in this.

    Yes, it is good to get tested, but then it's highly important to your mental health that you accept encouragement and to choose not hang on to fear and imaginations of some dire thing being wrong. Mental health is as much or more important than physical health. People can live just fine with all sorts of experiences when we have mental health, but to let yourself imagine the worst and work yourself up into a physical frenzy is just not a healthy way to live.

    It really is true that what we mentally dwell on is our own choice. Learning that should help you choose to think of other things, such as 'doctor said I am alright', then choosing to dwell on that. Before you know it you may be settle down so the throat tension could relax.

    My skin is very dry, and I have a very dry throat and so I need to be very careful to chew food very well and even drink a bit of water to swallow with it. If I choke I drink a sip more of water. It is an unpleasant feeling but it isn't a disease or serious impairment.

    Hon, please don't ruin your life over one experience. Not even over a few similar experiences.
    ~ YaYa ~

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    Re: Constant feeling that food is stuck

    Have them do a barium swallow and they are fully checking your esophagus and not just your throat area with a speech swallow . I am wondering if you may have had a tear when you choked and sometimes an endoscopy will pick it up and sometimes not from what I read. A diverticulum usually happens to older people is what is read also but it sounds like something happened when you first chocked.

    Also, if nothing have them check your spine with an MRI. I had spinal stenosis with myelopathy which is damage to my spine from it. The first symptoms were discomfort in my throat in which I pointed to the front of my throat and feeling a lump. Finally went to Gastro and they looked with a camera and said it was fine as well as the other Md's I had seen, end of that story. I should have persisted because it took 5-6 years of trying to find an answer because none of the many, many doctors I had seen could figure it out.

    If I persisted and persisted on more test because I did feel that in my throat than maybe I could have gotten the answer sooner. The first symptoms were choking on food or water especially from a straw and this persistant lump in my throat. i thought maybe that lump felt like food stuck in my esophagus. Eventually that lump went away but my symptoms changed all the time and moved around. If were I pointed they had just done more test and test to that whole region which was the actual back of my neck they would have figured it out.

    Don't let them dismiss you if you still feel it. Get a second or 3rd opinion for test if needed. I'm not saying you have any of these issues but it doesn't hurt to get tested. Best of luck and I hope you let us know if anything turns up.

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