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I desperately need some encouragement!

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crystalmommy HB User
I desperately need some encouragement!

Hello Everyone This is my first post and I am really hoping maybe someone has some insight or encouragement for me! Perhaps a success story would be even better!

I had a sudden onset of dysphagia on Sept 19th. I actually thought I was having an allergic reaction to something because I had red, oval spots on my face, neck and chest and then began to feel very thirsty and the throat tightness. I started having sweats and diarhea as well. But, I also suffer with anxiety and at that point was worried to death I was having anaphylaxis or something terrible! My husband called the doc and gave me 2 benedryls. The rash was gone the next morning, but the throat problem has not went away yet! The diagnosed me with strep the next day after a swab. And gave me a steriod shot. The shot seemed to help my throat some but the next day it was back worse again. Of course the docs said, give it some time to go away but when you feel like you can't swallow it is very start to wonder if you won't be able to breathe next.

So I was prescribed more steriods and after taking the first dosage had a bad reaction which landed me with a CT scan of my head that was normal. I was having terrible migraines, tremors, and severe sleepiness. I slept for almost 4 days straight! My husband said he thought I was hibernating. I had no energy, nothing. I couldn't even think straight! It was so scary. During that time I was naseauted and unable to eat or drink hardly anything. I was seen by and ENT who looked into my nose and throat with a tube (which she did in like 2 secs) and was shrugged off saying I prob still had issues from strep and a virus and I needed to just be patient and give it time. I was hospitalized by my primary doc for dehydration and vomitting. The throat sensation had gotten so bad that I couldn't even keep water down! It would be swallowed and then I would vomit immediately and dry heave. They did a CT scan of my abdomen and several blood tests...everything was normal. And a stool test...normal. I was in the hospital for 2 days. The first day they didnt' allow me to eat or drink anything and my throat had a dull ache but it felt better. As soon as they told me to try eating I began dry heaving again and my throat tightness was back. Despite my efforts to tell them that I was not well, they sent me home anyways.

Since then I have been able to eat some...better I would say. But the throat is worse. They had me on Protonix at the hospital through IV and I took it after I was home but after 2 days of the pill and within an hour of taking it my chest would severely hurt and I would feel like I was being strangled I decided to stop it. I am afraid to take other PPIs because of this. It made things so much worse! GI doc did an endosopy and found absolutely nothing wrong with my esophagus or my throat! She said it was perfect, not narrow, no strictures, not even inflammed. The only thing she found was mild gastritis and she prescribed carafate. Withing 5 mins of taking it I was vomitting she took me off. She hasn't given me any other prescriptions. She said I can try OTC acid reducers. I have taken Mylanta for the past 2 days and I really can't see a change in anything yet. She scheduled a Barium Swallow for this Thurs and I am afraid to do it. She says maybe the muscles in throat are not working properly or maybe she can see if the reflux shows on the test. But if I can't swallow water without feeling horrible how am I going to swallow barium?

At this point I am very discouraged. I have been to the doctors office I don't know how many times and they just seem to tell me they can't find anything wrong. There is nothing physically wrong with your throat so you are just having a feeling like there is and we haven't figured out why it feels that way yet...probably reflux...although it started just immediately out of the blue. Doesn't reflux usually get worse over time? I know I have always struggled with anxiety and this whole ordeal has really gotten me anxious. I am sure that has caused some of the issue with my stomach along with not eating for several days when I was first sick. I tend to think the throat issue is affecting the stomach not the other way around...but I don't know. I have thought of maybe going to an allergist? or perhaps a different ENT? They only ran that one test...I wonder if they missed something?

The feeling I have is always a constant fullness in my throat. It's right behind the area you see when you open your mouth and say "ah." I can pinpoint it being right there. When I swallow it feels like after the liguid or fluid goes down that area gets really tight and shuts. If I am sitting here and try to swallow saliva it feels like it doesn't want to go down and my throat still feels tight. The other feeling happens mostly after I eat or drink something. Within 20 mins or so I feel like a huge baseball is stuck in my throat. It is almost like when you have to cry but you are trying not too. It is like something is stuck right in your throat and there is a dull painful ache. The ache gets worse when the feeling stays for hours. When this happens I often cough because my body feels like it needs to cough up whatever is in there. I often gag too. I have to remind myself there is nothing in my throat and that I can't think I am going to vomit or my gag reflux will kick in and I will start to dry heave which really upsets my stomach. These things will last for hours each day. There are times when they will alleviate and I will feel just the dull fullness in my throat which is more bearable. I think God for these moments of sanity and relief but they don't last long. I have to try to eat and drink so that I don't just disappear! I have lost 15 lbs already. I feel like the doctors don't think it's that big a deal or think I am being silly. They don't understand how much this is disrupting my life. It is constant, it doesn't let in, and there is no reason behind it at this point. That is enough to make you crazy. I have been getting very depressed. Doc prescribed Xanax to help with the anxiety of the situation, although I don't take it. I don't like to feel not in control of my mind but I am beginning to wonder if I should take some just to help me get through this. I am a praying woman, I believe God can heal and that he does heal. I am not sure why I am going through this but I am trusting that he will help me through. I have to say though, this is one of the toughest things I've ever experienced. I have two young children to take care of and this is really hindering that. I sometimes wake up thinking, oh no another day of this...and I want to go back to sleep. Each morning when I wake up is terrible. I feel nauseated and I want to eat something but I can only eat a few bites before I feel like I will vomit if I take one more. I have diarhea in the morning and stomach upset too. This is usually the worst part of the day as far as how many symptoms are present. Most of the rest of the day it is throat issues and little to no stomach upset. But, I do burp alot...even after taking sips of water. Everytime something enters my mouth I will burp afterwards.

Okay, so I am sorry I wrote a book! Any comments will be appreciated.

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Jennuine84 HB UserJennuine84 HB User
Re: I desperately need some encouragement!

I read your story again & you & I are so much alike with our issues. I almost feel at times im reading things I wrote. Please go back to my thread in acid reflux board & read my reply. I also see you are a spiritual person, which I mentioned in my reply when you read. God is taking us through a trying health trial right now, but I have been longing to find someone who can at least relate to what im going thru so I dont feel aline & keep bombarding my mom & boyfriend with my worrying......& then you replied in my,thread about your story. Maybe God led us to each other? Thank God for the internet! I see you live in Georgia, im in Florida. Please read my reply to you in my thread. We need to stay in touch so we can keep each other encouraged, pray for each other, and give advice when we come across it. Cant wait to hear back from you.

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jeniferex HB User
Re: I desperately need some encouragement!

Hi Crystal,
In the digital world we're living no one is excluded from feeling left out. But whatever you are going through I want you to rermember one thing...God loves you and your corner of the world is in his hands.

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crystalmommy HB User
Re: I desperately need some encouragement!

Thank you for the encouraging words. Today has been a rough one. I just keep praying and hoping tomorrow will be better.

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