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laughingcow 05-02-2015 06:14 AM

Constant cough, swollen lymph nodes and tonsil?
Since around October 2014 I have had a constant cough, which initially was dry and then became more of a chest infection-type cough in April 2015.
I initially went to the doctor thinking I had glandular fever as I had the majority of the symptoms (including swollen lymph nodes, extreme fatigue etc.) but my blood tests came back negative.
I was referred to an oncologist where I had FNA on right lymph node as well as an ultrasound in February and March of 2015.
Before all of this started, I couldn't see either of my tonsils and haven't had them removed. Now one has been swollen for months and I have had a few tonsil stones recently.

Does anyone have any ideas to what this could be? It is really getting me down and I am sick and tired of constantly feeling ill.

Summary of symptoms:
Swollen lymph node (right one measures 9.5mm)
Swollen right tonsil will occasional tonsil stones
Constant cough
Running nose


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