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mkelly2493 11-24-2015 08:09 PM

allergies or ENT issues?
I have longstanding nasal issues, currently 22 YO, my earliest memory is first grade of this problem. My nose feels "blocked", especially when I lay down at night to sleep (the side I sleep on feels blocked) and then this blockage eventually moves down in my nose until I can blow it and it semi resolves itself, and then it just happens over and over. It's not a runny nose, it's just stuffy and at first I can't blow it and nothing comes out,eventually I am able to clear it. I've seen multiple doctors (allergists and ENT's), and they ALL tell me something different. Some have told me I'm not allergic to anything, others say i need allergy shots, between ENT's one has said I need my adenoids removed etc, others have said just use a nasal spray and a decongestant (none of which have worked well). Has anyone ever had a similar issue?? There isn't really any season/time that it is worse.

Titchou 11-25-2015 06:04 AM

Re: allergies or ENT issues?
Have you had allergy testing? Both the skin scratch test for environmental and the blood test for food? If not, that's your first step. Then take whatever steps needed if you have any allergies. Have you even tried something like zyrtec or claritin? You could give that a try. As for when you sleep, try the Breathe Right nasal strips. They work great for me. And last but not least, you might try a sinus rinse like NeilMed morning and evening. My sister does that.

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