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  • Swollen nasal passage for last two weeks???

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    Swollen nasal passage for last two weeks???

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this board and was hoping to share my issue and see if anyone can relate or has any ideas about what is going on with me.

    First I will start by saying I have chronic health issues that I have been dealing with for the last 14 years. I have been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis( a nasty bladder disease for which there is no cure), Fibromyalgia( mild case), digestive issues( doctor thinks IBS). I also am chemical sensitive( usually to medications and such).

    Well about a month ago I hurt my lower back( we are in the process of selling our home and I must of bent oddly or stretched a muscle). I went to the Chriropractor and he made my back better but messed up my lower back when he stretched it. It took me a week and half to get over that. I stopped going to him and I got better after a couple weeks with my back. Well two weeks ago I was laying on the floor in my bedroom doing my back stretches and I was just feeling overwhelmed and started crying, kind of as a release. My nose of course got a little stuffy and irritated as it always does right after I cry. It usually goes away in like half an hour and back to normal. Also,after that I swept the basement floor a little and my husband cleaned a big area rug we have that needed cleaning. He used a can of resolve carpet cleaner. I noticed my nose was very irritated that day, kind of congested and I could feel the irritation inside. I feel like when I cried it set things off. Well it had been two weeks and I am still messed up with my nasal passages feeling swollen. I can get some air through but it is congested and swollen, not my normal free breathing. I went to the ENT doctor after 10 days of having this. He looked up there and said it was congested and that there was mucosal changes that looked like possible allergies( he said the skin is supposed to be bright pink in healthy tissue and mine was pale and boggy which is a sign of allergies).

    He told me to use a Nasonex steroid spray and that it would take a week or two to get relief from it. I tried it in one nostril just to see how I would react as I am sensitive to things. It felt like it made me worse as that side of my nasal passage seemed more swollen that whole day after I used the spray. I did not use it again. I called my primary care doctor and she prescribed me medrol dose pack( a short course of oral steroids). I started them on Friday. I felt better that day when I started taking them but again felt horrible yesterday with more congestion in my nose. I was ready to just stop the medrol dose pack as I am having a few side effects( flushed face and a tiny bit elevated heart rate) but I decided to keep with it, but I just lowered the dose a little. Instead of taking all 5 pills yesterday I only took 3. Last night I felt a little better, less congested.

    I have been on Zyrtec for over 4 years( I only would take a low dose, like 5 mg a day). I take that to prevent allergic reactions to things because I am so sensitive. I finally just stopped taking that last night because It was not doing anything for my congestion at all. I am not convinced this is an allergy type thing that is causing my swollen nasal passages. I mean if it were, the zyrtec would have helped it as it is an antihistamine. Also, my nose felt completely fine up until two weeks ago. I did not have a cold or anything either, it just started after that crying spell and the cleaning the carpet. I thought maybe it was from irritation from the resolve used to the clean the area rug so I even had my hubby take the rug out of the house and dump it after a day. I am still having issues so I don't think it was the rug or it would have gotten better right?

    Anyhow, I will be honest, this is rough for me. I mean thankfully I can still get air through but it is not freely, I can actually feel the congestion and sometimes even pressure in the nasal area at times. I am severely Claustrophobic so when I get a cold my nose usually will stuff up all the way where I cannot breathe and it is horrible for me. I end up taking oral Sudafed. I cannot take them much though because they give me nasty side effects. I deal with my other health issues which in respect are way more serious than a stuffy nose and way more painful but for me, I would rather deal with those issues and pain than being congested in my nose! It causes me horrible anxiety.

    I tried a neilmed rinse once but felt it did not help much. I am always reserved when it comes to spraying things in my nose afraid it will make matters worse. The oral steroids may be helping some but I still feel the congestion. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow that this started and I am worried it wont ever leave! Any ideas as what could be causing this? I dont think it is outside allergies because even when I am staying inside in air conditioning for days I still feel just as bad. I was tested 4 years ago with a blood test for environmental allergies like pollen, ragweed etc.. and it was all negative. That was 4 years ago. I wonder if Stress can cause the nasal passages to swell? I have been under a lot of stress this past couple months with the putting our home up for sale and getting stuff ready. We did have work done in our house too, we had to stain a small area of wood, We ventilated that area and left doors open when that was done. My hubby did it. That was well over a month ago though so I don't think that caused this.

    What can I do to help get my nasal passages back to where they were? I tried the nasonex which I felt made me feel worse after the first try so did not want to try it again. I tried the neilmed sinus rinse which did not help to much. I am on oral steroids now which might be helping a little but of course they are only for a short time ( 6 days) then I am done with those. What else can I do?? Any ideas what this could be?? Sorry for the long drawn out post and thank you for taking the time out to read it all. Just need some advice.

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