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  • Sore throat that won't go away?

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    alena421 HB User
    Sore throat that won't go away?

    Hi, these threads have been helping me a lot lately but I'm still pretty lost and would like to know if anyone has ever been through what I am right now.

    My health is pretty important to me and I take care of everything properly and I check the doctor at the slightest idea of something being wrong. Lately I've had a really bad sore throat (not sure if it's a strep though, everytime I check the symptoms of strep and tonsillitis I have many of them but there are a bunch I don't have as well).

    Anyway here's where my story starts, may 19th I sneeze for some reason and I feel a really bad pulling sensation on my throat, like I'm stretching an elastic band or something, I sneeze again, it happens again and it hurts really bad. I ask my mom to take a look at it, she says it's a bit red and considering my ENT instructions to not do anything if it doesn't last more than 2 days, I don't do anything. It goes away, at least I think it does because I'm not sneezing so I'm not feeling it. A couple of days later the sensation comes back even stronger, but there's no redness or anything visible for me on a mirror or my mom, I call my ENT and make an appointment for the 19th of June as it's the closer free spot he has. It starts to get a little sore, it hurts a little but nothing I'd call abnormal and it gets scratchy, but only by the end of the day. On June 5th I have a singing class I don't want to skip (because it's too expensive to reschedule) and I tell my teacher my throat is sore and scratchy and that I don't want to do anything crazy, we do very light warm ups I don't go up or down my register and yet it hurts a bit on the soft pallate, I ask to stop and we just to breathing exercises for the rest of the time, these don't hurt at all. One day later my voice starts failing on me, I'll start talking and it'll go away in the middle of a sentence as short as happy birthday, the "day" doesn't come out. I start vocal rest immediately, I don't say a word, don't whisper and obviously don't sing. I do all those hacks I have learned, throat coat tea, ginger, pineapple juice, steam, gargling with salt water, nothing helps.

    I start to get really swollen on the back of the mouth and I also get white spots where I think are the tonsils, it hurts too bad to open the mouth and I have a killer pain under my tongue, at the back. I decide not to wait for my ENT and go to another one who has a free spot earlier. I go to the first, the white spots are gone, the swollen tonsils are back to the normal size and now I have a swollen soft pallate but he doesn't see anything wrong, precribes medicine for infection, pain and allergy, I'm meant to take them for 10 days and go back if it doesn't get better. I schedule another ent before it goes away because it only feels like getting worse, she doesn't know what is wrong and tells me to keep taking my medicine. I go to the third, same. Fourth, right after I finish the medicine and had no result at all, same thing. Fifth says she can see there's something wrong but doesn't know what it is and asks for a scoop. My own ent appointment comes and he performs a scoop, vocal chords are fine (thank god because I considered nodules), larynx is fine, pharynx not so much but all he sees is redness. He gives me pretty strong antibiotics (i slept the whole day thanks to these guys) for me to take for seven days and come back right after. I do so, the redness is gone. It's still hard to swallow, my voice is still giving up on me, the pulling sensation is still there, I still get headaches and my ear still hurts but he doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong, he asks me if I have acid reflux, I say no and come come with more allergy medicine to take for 20 days.

    First two days after starting to take the medicine and I'm okay, not fine, but good enough, third day goes downhill again. Everything hurts, it hurts to open the mouth, to lower my tongue, can't swallow anything without pain, the back of my throat feels like it's burning, I have a killer headache and been spending the whole day in bed. Tonsils seem normal sized, no white or yellow spots visible and I honestly can't think of anything that might be wrong. Apparently no ENT can either.

    Anyone ever had anything close to that? Or at least have any tips to help it go away? I've never missed so many days of school and spent so much time in bed and it does not feel good.

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    Re: Sore throat that won't go away?

    Did you have any blood work done looking for infection? Sounds like you need to go back to your ENT and let them prescribe something else!
    RRMS- dx 05

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    HL3angels HB User
    Re: Sore throat that won't go away?

    You may still have an infection that did not respond to that particular antibiotic, and a 2nd opinion by another ENT may be in order. On the other hand, your doctor asked if you have acid reflux and you said that you told him no. Is this because you have never been diagnosed with acid reflux or GERD? There is something called LPR which is a nighttime silent reflux and it has been destroying my voice and vocal chords for years. I thought it was allergies at first many years ago and when allergy medication did not help, I tried PPI's such as Nexium, Prevacid and Omeprazole. I also tried Zantac and all of these medications caused me to have anemia due to malapsorption. To make a long story short, I have this night time reflux and I don't have any issues with heartburn or acid reflux during the day, but when I go to sleep at night I have terrible acid, and burning in only my throat. It feels raw, it makes me need to drink water at night, and when I wake up and throughout the day, my voice is hoarse and I can't sing like I used to. The thing that bothers me the most is that I've been to so many doctors and none of them can offer me any treatment or cure except to keep prescribing these medications that cause me to have anemia after being on them for a long time. Then even if they help for a little while, when I get off them my acid is so much worse, nothing makes it go away. Go back to your ENT or a GI doc if you have to and rule out that night time reflux (LPR) before you assume that it is not what you have. IF allergy meds, and antibiotics don't help, change your diet, and look into acid issues. Good luck!

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    smokeymtnrain HB Usersmokeymtnrain HB Usersmokeymtnrain HB User
    Re: Sore throat that won't go away?

    Can reflux cause a sore throat on one side only? When I swallow, I sometimes feel it but not all the time but I do get acid reflux during the day and sometime i notice it at night as well but my issue is just on one side.

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