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Shipsbelle 01-15-2005 05:53 AM

Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
This is such a popular subject! I'm glad most of you are doing well. Those who are having pain and difficulties, hang in there--it WILL get better! I am 2 1/2 weeks post op and have done very well considering that I am 67 years young! I found that Instant Breakfast in a cup of warm milk is easy to drink and also you are getting nutrients that your body needs to heal.

Keep getting better everyone! :wave:

Anarchist 01-15-2005 07:16 AM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
Here are links to the previous tonsilectomy threads. Enjoy.

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minmin630 01-15-2005 07:41 AM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
Okay I see we are making these threads way to long but we have so much to talk about. Shipsbelle~ omg I am amazed at how well you have done for 67 years young. I am almost 3 and a half weeks post -op and am having a rough time and I am 24 years old. I had for the most part a okay recovery I was eating solids after just 4 days returned to work after 7 days.

nlh4msu~ Okay so I woke up this morning at 4:30 in the worlds worse pain it felt like a some one hit me in the face with a hammer. I got up and looked in the mirror to see that my whole face was swollen. I also had a headache(sinus) and so I laid down with a bag of ice on my face and went to sleep untill it was time for me to get up to go to work. I am now at work and have sinus drainage so I talked to some of my good nurse friends who told me that I still should see my dr. but it sounds like the discomfort in my throat and ear and entire left side can be from a really bad sinus infection. I am still gonna see my dr. to make sure but if that is the case then I should be okay as I am taking a tylenol sinus, all my allegras and my nasal sprays. Then on Thursday I go back to the allergist to get my 7 shots..ouch :eek: Well I am sure that this all started as I missed 4 weeks of shots due to this tonsillectomy.

Jtodd~ Do you have allegies or problems with your sinuses? I never thought that missing my shots....but still taking my meds would give me some crazy infection like this. I still am not a 100% sure that is what it is but right now it is the only thing that makes sense. Well I am still gonna go to the dr and see what he says when I find out I will let you know.

Well hope that Everyone is feeling a lil better. Well I gotta go do some work now so Take care! :wave:

nlh4msu 01-15-2005 08:16 AM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
Minmin- I missed my shots for 3 weeks. I only get one shot per week now. When I started back last week, they cut the dose in 1/2 and I went twice for the shot. I thought I had caught a cold, but it was from the shots!!! Good luck and have a great day.

ajcc 01-15-2005 08:46 AM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
I'm 24 years old and considering getting my adenoids taken out. My doctor mentioned nothing of my tonsils. Getting my adenoids out will hopefully allow me to breathe through my nose again (what a concept!). I'm scared of the surgery. Has anyone only had their adenoids taken out without having their tonsils removed as well? If so , how did it go. Can you breathe better?

nlh4msu 01-15-2005 08:51 AM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
ajcc-I have had several friends that had their adenoids out without a tonsillectomy. There was ZERO pain. In fact, they were told to take regular Tylenol after the surgery. They both returned to work within 2-3 days.(age 38 and 27!!) You would much rather have your adenoids out that your tonsils. When I had my tonsils out, they left my adenoids in!!! Good luck.

minmin630 01-15-2005 10:03 AM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
nlh4msu~ Thankyou so much for letting me know that. I am still in the beginning stages of allergy shot I get 7 every Thursday I have about 5 months left...yuck! Well Like I said I had not had them in 4 weeks due to the Surgery. I never thought that missing a few doses of shots can make me this sick. It is amazing that a sinus infection can cause me this much pain around my tonsillectomy site. Well I am gonna continue to take the over the counter Tylenol sinus then take my allegras then wait it out untill Thursday when I return to the allergist for shots. I am so glad that you told me your story as I have not met anybody else so far on this board who has allergies and is undergoing shots and had the same experience that I had. I am hoping that it gets a lil better so I can I have been only averaging only two hours per night....which stinks because then I am so run down when at work. Well I think once this is taken care of I will be 100% better. Well Thankyou for was very comforting to know that somebody is going through the exact same thing. Well I hope you are doing much better.
Take Care Everyone! :wave:

To whoever brought up about just having the adenoids out I say go for it. I know people who had them out with the tonsillectomy and said that it was not that bad of a recovery. I am 24 and did not have my adenoids out but did have a Tonsillectomy and was fine after 4 days. I think when you are as young as we are we are able to heal a little quicker. I think that having them out will help you breath better and would benefit you in the long road....Well whatever you decide I wish you all the best!

katlynn 01-15-2005 02:10 PM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
i am on day 12 post op and i am 90% back to normal. it still hurts if i yawn and at night it hurts just a little/little bit when i swallow. i still have yet to eat the steak i have been craving, sticking to dr's orders about soft foods for 14 days. on day 11 is when i finally had a whole day with no pain at all when swallowing. i still have a little scabing on my throat. the most annoying thing is sometimes food gets caught in my "holes" and is uncomfortable.

i am 32 years old and i think i had one of the easiest healing processes i could have hoped for. the pain i experienced was about the same as a bad case of strep throat minus the fever and body aches. i never threw up or had any bleeding. i would have never feared this if i knew it was this easy for me.

a few things i think really helped:
1. never let the pain medicine wear off and always take it on schedule
2. always have something on your stomach when you take medication, even just milk or broth. make sure what you do drink has a high nutritional value, like boost or ensure
3. sleep with a vaporizor on
4. sleep sitting up with a "sit up pillow"
5. make sure your doctor gives you strong enough pain medicine, tell him you have a very low tollerance for pain
6. take it easy and relax and let your body heal

for those of you out there contemplating this surgery, like i was a few months ago, there are people out who have a very easy time!! :) :) :)

rajaraja1 01-15-2005 03:11 PM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
today is day 10.. yesterday was the worst day.. with fevers off and on all day .. i just felt like *****.. today is a bit better.. but the pain is still on that right side.. so i'm still on liquids... i'm totally frustrated waiting for that turn around day... i want to eat mac and cheese soo bad... same day surgery budddy..where are you at.. how are you feeling?

Hershey02 01-16-2005 07:08 AM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
Hey, Rajaraja1. I'm still surviving. I'm doing okay. I've got some pain in the right side of my throat but it's not constant. I'm still eating mashed potatoes (thanks for that suggestion!). I still haven't gone to the bathroom. Starting to get worried and thinking maybe I should take something. But otherwise I'm feeling pretty good. Going back to work tomorrow. Still can't talk, so it should be interesting. Hope you feel better today. That sucks that you had a fever. Anyway lets hope today is our turn around day!

dmd0367 01-16-2005 09:16 AM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
Hi everyone, I am on day 2 of my tonsillectomy and deviated septum surgery and I am in a lot of pain! The roof of my mouth is what really hurts especially after I swallow. Anyone else have that pain? Also, should I be gargling or anything. I have managed to brush my teeth this am but was not sure if I should gargle with salt water or anything? Did anyone else have problems with Lortab pain medicine not working?

Shipsbelle 01-16-2005 11:10 AM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
Absolutely [B]do not [/B] gargle at this stage of your recovery. I'm surprised the doctor or nurses didn't mention this to you. You could dislodge the scabs and cause bleeding, which you don't want to do. Also, don't use a straw, as the sucking can also cause scabs to come off prematurely.

It's good that you brushed your teeth. Having a clean mouth makes you feel so much better. Chewing gum can also help to keep your mouth feeling fresher, but the biggest help that gum provides is keeping your saliva flowing so your throat doesn't dry out and it makes you swallow more often. Also it helps to keep your jaw flexible so it's easier to chew and swallow. It also helps with ear pain. Who knew gum had so many important uses for tonsillectomy patients!! :D

Hang in there--it does get better!

lilmissy 01-16-2005 01:51 PM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
hi everyone,

well today is day four and things are starting to be better. actually, it's frustrating that each day is the same, but things are better b/c the doc has allowed me to up my pain medication. i'm still only eating ice chips and chicken broth. the tiny noodles are still unbearable to swallow.

i read somewhere that someone at a whole pineapple prior to surgery to help with the swelling. since i love pineapples, i thought i'd give it a try. i think it helped. =) thanks for the tip.

i'm starting to feel a bit lonely. i can't call my friends and chat and i thought i could study or do some work, but my mind isn't completely there. with only three hours of sleep at a time, i'm useless during the hours i'm awake.

thanks for listening. i hope all of you are getting better.

minmin - thanks for your encouragement and support. i hope you're feeling better today.

rajaraja1 01-16-2005 01:58 PM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
day 11..
yesterday's hightlight was i had like 4 spoonfuls of mashed potatoes!! first time i had anything other than liquids..
then it all took a turn for the worst at night..
the pain on my right side.. was unbearable.. and i had a horrific headache(i never get headaches) and i lost it.. started crying again, tasted blood and yup it was.. not much but it was blood. i lost it cuz i haven't been sleep that well and i'm hungry and just frustrated because of my right side pain that hasn't improved in 5 days. i need to calm down.

tomorrow is my post op appt. and the first time i'll be out of my apartment.

wish me luck tonight.. no more breakdowns.. and hopefully i'll be able to eat some candied yams and mac and cheese.

hersey02- hope you are doing better than i am today

hope everyone else is doing well

i'll check in after my shower.. hope that calms me down

Phoenixbleu 01-16-2005 02:30 PM

Re: Adult Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery - Part III
Hi all -

Sorry I haven't replied to any of your posts since last week. My husband is doing much better, on day 9 now since his tonsil and uvula removal surgery.

He's down to taking 1/2 doses of the liquid morphin now. He was acting pretty strange on the morphine, staring for hours into space without blinking. lol.. I told him he was looking a little too drugged (like a zombie) and it was spooking me. He is also starting to run out of the morphine.. so he decided to cut the doses down gradually so he wouldn't just run out all of a sudden and end up in withdrawal from it. He has plenty of liquid tylenol w/codeine, so he's taking small doses of that to supplement.

He hasn't had a bowel movement yet.. and after 9 days, he's very concerned. He drank some grape juice, thought that would help, but it hasn't. I think we're going to try some exlax or something soon if he doesn't go by tomorrow.

He's been eating a little of solids, blended up in the blender.. Most of what he's eating/drinking: strawberry banana smoothies, gatoraid, oatmeal, soy ice cream sandwiches, sherbet, apple sauce, jello, and a lot of chicken and beef broth. He had some beef stew (blended up into a liquid) last night. lol He chased me around trying to make me taste it, but the texture looked nauseating to me.. YUCK

He said he feels really hungry now, but he's frustrated with not being able to eat pizza or chew meat.. his tongue is still swollen and he can hardly chew.

I'm happy he's doing better. The one thing that is driving me crazy is that he keeps getting up at around 3 AM every single day to go into the bathroom and look at his stitches and scabs and wakes me up when I have to go to work in the morning! I think he's paranoid that he's going to start bleeding or something. He spit out a stitch on day 3 and saw a tiny bit of blood when it happened but it stopped bleeding after he rinsed his mouth. Since then he has been doing this inspecting every night. :yawn:

He really likes drinking smoothies and I've been experimenting with different kinds.. He says that orange juice burns too much (even if it's mixed with yogurt and bananas and stuff). However, he can tolerate apple juice and soy milk, so I've been putting a lot of those in the drinks. One time I even threw in a large blueberry muffin. :)

Thanks for all of your advice here. I saw someone mentioned Chloroseptic spray and he has been using that occassionally before eating.. Thanks to whoever suggested that.

Hubby said he thinks the morphine is causing him to not be able to urinate all the way... He runs into the bathroom and dribbles and that's it. He does this throughout the day. Anyone else had this problem?

Also, has anyone had success with something bringing on a bowel movement (some kind of food or something) or have you just had to wait it out?

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