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Molly1173 02-28-2006 09:13 PM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
I had my hearing test & CT scan of sinuses on the doc is talking about putting tubes in my ears...not sure if he means in addition to the tonsillectomy or instead of. Hopefully it's in addition....

The weight loss factor, the eventual end of sore throats, sinus infections...I'm all about it. You guys are talking about losing the taste of sweets & soda...that would only help me avoid the foods I should avoid anyway!

I don't mean to make light of it all...but I'm trying to keep this in perspective for myself.

cobyandellasmom 03-02-2006 11:00 AM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
For those of you still struggling with taste...can you really not taste ANYTHING at all? I'm having trouble tasting certain things (coke and chocolate and syrup are the worst) but there are other things that I think I can taste just fine. I'm 2 months post-op.


yellow10 03-03-2006 01:58 PM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
i just had my tonsils out on Wed March 1st, so 3 days in so far. My taste seems to be ok, my tongue hurts just a tad bit from the clamp and when i swallow it does feel a bit weird-aside from the pain.
i would like to start a new post on this-does anyone know how?

jenhberry 03-07-2006 06:32 AM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
Hi Molly it all sounds fine and dandy to loose the loss of taste for chocolate and soda and candies, just to loose weight, but I would rather loose weight the old fashioned way at the gym than loose my taste buds. After a meal when you just want that sweet flavor in your mouth, imagine you never can taste the sweet taste again. I go out to dinner and look at at a menu and it really doesnt matter what I order as I cannot taste anything, all food is bland and boring. no amount of weight loss can ease the frustration of taste loss...........................

Molly1173 03-07-2006 08:28 AM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
Like I said earlier........... :rolleyes:

"I don't mean to make light of it all...but I'm trying to keep this in perspective for myself."

No scolding necessary. :nono:

AND it all depends on your particular situation. I'd trade the taste of sweets to make my life healthier/longer.

jenhberry 03-08-2006 11:42 AM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
was not scolding, mearly stating the facts....its been a long frustrating road. :bouncing:

Ratatosk 03-08-2006 12:54 PM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
A week after my tonsils were out, I was craving a hamburger -- I was soooo disappointed 'cuz it pretty much tasted like dirt. It took at least a month before I got my taste back to normal -- probably longer. I got a little gunshy after all the disappointments and stopped trying. I do recall that I didn't drink coffee for several months and soda was almost a year or two before I began drinking it again.

jenhberry 03-08-2006 09:31 PM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
wow soda took a year, thats my worst when i go to movies I can tolerate popcorn but the soda tastes so bad, just like carbonated water as the sweet is gone. I was told that the taste buds will eventually regenerate but it could take years...and I guess u r proof of that. I always check on line for hope that someone has improved. I will take a year of healing as a positive over never healing at all.

yellow10 03-09-2006 07:32 AM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
wow! a Year!!! I guess that would make one eat healthier though to some degree if soda doesn't taste good.... My doc said this happens in less then 1 percent of people for the long haul anyhow.

jenhberry 03-10-2006 04:54 PM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
I seem to always fall into that 1% catagory. I was the 1% that haemorraged 10 days after surgery and was admitted to the ER and had to be re-cauterized awake !!!...I was in the hospital for 3 it doesnt surprise me that now I fall into the 1% that cannot taste..what the hell did my surgeon do to me. That is the Question?? I have recently called two other ENT offices and the Drs there have never heard of this happening to their patients. That was so hard to hear because I wanted to hear that this is a common thing that happens to people and that it does heal and improve. But alas it is not common at all we are in a very small percentage of people who loose their taste after a tonsillectomy. With no apparent cure.
I have now come to terms with the fact that this has happened, and although eating out at a restuarant is not as much fun anymore, I used to love I find myself eating small portions of food that is bland the only positive is that today I bought another pair of jeans, another size smaller, because I keep shrinking as I have gone down 5 dress/pant sizes since surgery. The only positive of this whole experience. :)
ok so, I just baked a chocolate cake for my two kids and took a small bite, that is all I could tolerate...yuk

yellow10 03-18-2006 08:13 AM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
well, i'm at day 21 after tonsillectomy ;) I have noticed that when I drink soda, I can't really taste it ;) it tastes like plain ole seltzer water. Yet, I can taste sweetness in ice cream, and chocolate pudding. Weird! But the soda really doesn't taste like much! I'm wondering how long that will last? The front of my tongue is still pretty numb-it has been since I had it done. I guess they 'really" clamp your tongue down!!! when they remove the tonsils!

cobyandellasmom 03-20-2006 05:58 AM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
Well, I can taste soda and some chocolate and a little of syrup, so I think I'm almost back to normal! I'm almost three months post-op.

How is everyone else doing?

2catfans 03-20-2006 06:10 AM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
I'm at day 35 and still can't taste most things. I had complications which included post op bleeding at day 3 which required surgery (I fall into that 1% too) and I lost a lot of blood. I can taste in the front third of my mouth but not in the back. So most things taste like cardboard. Vanilla anything is about the most taste I have. I'm still not to have soda, or citrus because of the extra healing the doc says I still have to do. Besides, soda pop just burns my throat. I know that the Lord will heal ALL of my mouth. So keep hang on to that promise and don't let anyone tell you differently.

rezendej 03-20-2006 10:57 AM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
when you say you had bleeding at day 10, what was it like? that is my biggest fear. were you doiing anything to precipitate it? (crunchy foods, a lot of heavy lifting, etc.?) I am sooo nervous about that!

jenhberry 03-22-2006 05:31 PM

Re: Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
HI there, I was on bed rest most of the time and took it easy for the first 10 days, but that night before I started bleeding I did try some solid foot, it was a spinach pie, but such small bites and I chewed really well, I was at day 10 so that should not have made it bleed, I do think I did not drink enough water and I was dehydrated, someone told me after the fact that I should have been drinking at least 3 water bottles a day. it was so sore for me to swollow that I know I was not drinking enough water.

I started bleeding at 10pm but was so drugged from the pain killers, percocet, I was too tired to get out of bed to check if it was blood or just saliva, well after about 30 mins of swollowing I thought something must be wrong so I got up to check and huge blood clots were coming up as I was now gagging them up as my stomach was full of blood, I went pale in the face and almost fainted my husband then rushed me to the ER where they had to suction the clots that had formed in my tonsil area. I almost needed a blood transfusion but luckily avoided that, but I was badly dehudrated so I was put on a drip for 2 days and remained in hospital. I still have problems with taste, sweet is the most obviouse, but not nothing tastes as it once did, and I feel my epiglotis at the back of my mouth is still swollen. So hopefully I just need more time to heal and then my taste buds will join the party. keep drinking water stay hydrated and eat soft foods as long as you can. Until the scabs and healing are done

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