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twizliz 04-05-2006 08:30 PM

Well I am now 1 month post septoplasty/turbine reduction. For a while I was doing okay, but I must have picked up something or it's my allergies in overdrive because I have been sneezing like crazy (Which kills my throat because I have to sneeze with my mouth wide open and even then it still hurts my nose). My tonsils are swollen with red blotches on them (blood?), I have a horrible headache, hot/cold flashes, low grade temp, achey (but I did just start working out again)... I went to my ENT on Monday and he declaired me cleared for post op visits. I really wish that I had mentioned about my throat, just to put my mind at ease. Any suggestions?

georgiw 04-05-2006 08:54 PM

Re: Miserable
Sorry you're so miserable...I'd go to ENT as soon as possible about the tonsil spots could indicate a big problem. I just had my tonsils removed and adenoids repaired about 2 weeks ago...painful...lost my voice and still don't have it back yet nor healed....I'm 44 yrs old...It was rough but adenoid repair should help the sleep apnea that I've been battling for years. Hang in there but get to ENT especially since fever, achy symptoms...don't wait too long or you could have full blown infection.

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