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Kobayashi 04-19-2006 04:43 PM

Perforated eardrum
[size=1]I typed my problem out on another forum but it was to entertain than to get my point across so I'll redo it.[/size]

In August I went on holiday to Cyprus and had the time of my life for 2 weeks. On the second-to-last day I had a sore right ear that hurt when I put any pressure on it. It also hurt like hell if I went underwater in the swimming pool. I figured it was an ear infection I'd picked up from the poolwater.

I came home and the pain went away but my hearing wasn't as good as it was and if I moved my head around it made a weird sound, kinda like when water is in it but no water was coming out. I eventually got used to the noise and I felt it went away, and I also adjusted to the lesser hearing and started to take it as the norm.

The other week my mum (she's a nurse, by the way) said something to me and I said 'what?' and she said 'are you deaf or something?' so I said yeah. She then went on to belittle me for not cleaning my ears and that that they were so full of wax so I couldn't hear properly. I ignored this but then she said that if I go on a plane with blocked ears the amount of pressure will really really hurt me. I phoned the doctors and asked for them to be syringed, as I have a holiday booked in June. In went the old olive oil to soften the wax. ;)

When I went to the doctors the nurse asked if I'd put oil in and stuff and I said yeah and she told me it's not a good idea to get your ears syringed as it can perforate the eardrum. I was more interested in getting it done ASAP though, as I didn't want sore ears on the plane. She also said my left ear might not need cleaning as it's not causing any problems but had a look at them both with the scopey thing™ and said they both needed doing.

She did the left one first and, well, I really didn't like it. She showed me what had come out and it didn't look like that much. She looked in it again and said it was lovely and clean. She then did the right one (the "problem ear" as she named it) and seemed to be squirting for ages. Then she just took the tray away without showing me what had come out (makes me think nothing did come out, but you never know) and had a look. After prodding around for about ten seconds (really hurt, she wasn't very good) she said it looks like I have an old perf that's still healing. I was thinking 'what the hell's a perf' and she then said perforated eardrum. I was still a little clueless but she said 'I'll just go and get my superior to check it to see if it's what I think it is' before I could ask any questions and she was out the door.

After a minute she came back in with a doctor. Sadly, my proper doctor was on holiday (as always, heh) so it was a stand-in guy who was really hard to understand. I call it the beard muffle. Anyway, he had a look in my "problem ear" (I couldn't even feel the scopey thing™ when he did it) and said it was scarred and was definitely a perforation. He also said 'the hole in your eardum has nothing to do with having it syringed,' probably incase I wanna sue or something. :rolleyes:

They both contemplated things for a while and I started to dry myself (they were both clumsy and stood on the peddle accidently and squirted me loads) and said a few things, sorta talking over eachother. Basically he said I should let it heal for a few months and if it doesn't improve he'll have to recommend me to a specialist for surgery (I don't like the sound of that.) He also said that I should buy earplugs if I want to go swimming. I then asked if going on a plane would be a problem and he said it definitely wouldn't cause any pain.

Anyway, when I got home I looked on ****pedia and saw that it can lead to permanent deafness. Is this just in extreme circumstances or is it likely to happen to me?

Also, the doctor said I should leave it for a few months to heal but if I'm not losing my mind, it's been buggered since the end of August - how many months does he plan on just leaving it?

I also found out that my dad's friend has a perforated eardrum and is completely deaf in one ear. My dad said he went for an operation and it didn't work so lost his hearing in one of his ears. Again, I don't like the sound of that.

What should I do? I'm really at a loose end.

One final thing. The nurse said I should clean my ears by pulling them up (she called it "Spock style," bless her) and squirting them with the shower. When I got home and told my mum this she said that where she has hers syringed (she's always having them done, at a different place though) the woman who does it told her strictly to never do that as it does more harm than good. So, should I do the shower/Spock thing or should I just leave the wax to build up? If I [i]should[/i] clean them with the shower, should I clean the perforated one too?

Please help.

Thank you.

Apologies for any typos.

Kobayashi 05-09-2006 03:14 AM

Re: Perforated eardrum
I've just been to see my (proper) doctor and he said there was no perforation.

He's given me some OTOMIZE spray to use twice a day. Can anyone tell me about Otomize please?

Midget 05-09-2006 12:42 PM

Re: Perforated eardrum
I just looked it up, and it appears to be some type of drop to treat swimmer's ear (ottitis externa). As for cleaning your ears, I use peroxide. I find it works really well.

Kobayashi 05-10-2006 04:10 PM

Re: Perforated eardrum
Cheers for that. I hope it works.

claflamme 05-12-2006 09:57 AM

Re: Perforated eardrum
I used to get swimmers ear every summer all summer when I was a kid. It hurt soooooooo bad. And I was always on some kind of ear drops for it,It took a little while to work. But it did help.

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