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wiltingflower 05-22-2006 05:42 PM

Scared to death of surgery but scared about what it is these tonsils are doing
I am kind of worried and have been for some many months about my tonsils. I have had one ENT tell me I don't need surgery, the other tell me it's up to me and he'll do it if I want. So basically I am left here on my own and uncertain. My problem is I have lots of tonsil stones and food that gets caught in the tonsils on a regular basis. I *knock on wood* have not had persistent infection like many who are for sure candidates to get the surgery done. I have read many posts where some, however, had elected for the surgery primarily because of the stones and cryptic tonsils. I can't live day to day cleaning out the tonsils and at the same time I can't just let them go because I fear that if I don't clean out the tonsil stones I'll get an infection. I still do not know what the heck tonsil stones are as many don't and don't know what/if anything they are a sign of. Obviously, I am not in the boat alone I gather. Now I would just opt for the surgery as one would probably opt to get a sore, cavitated tooth removed BUT I fall in the 'underweight category' and this surgery and the thought of it SCARES ME.

Does anyone have any feedback , I know this is a repeat post probably most likely. It just seems most of the posts I find people have gotten the tonsil surgery because of persistent infections or other issue and the tonsil stone stuff just helps with how to's on removing them etc...

gregpowers76 05-23-2006 07:35 AM

Re: Scared to death of surgery but scared about what it is these tonsils are doing
I go under the knife Thursday main problems were tonsillitis a couple of times a year, plus lost of colds, food caught in tonsils, etc. I also snore a little so hope this will remedy the problem. Both my generald doctor and ent advised me to do it. I'm expecting some pain and discomfort, but have a h.s. graduation and party in 10 days so hope I'm better by then. I'm not too worried about the surgery, just afterwards because I do not enjoy sitting around with nothing to do.

wiltingflower 05-23-2006 08:39 AM

Re: Scared to death of surgery but scared about what it is these tonsils are doing
I wish you lots of luck with the surgery and hope you will be up and about in no time. They say the younger one is the better the recovery. Congrats on graduating!

andvari 05-23-2006 08:48 AM

Re: Scared to death of surgery but scared about what it is these tonsils are doing
wilt, it really is up to you in the end.. for me, my main problem is breathing due to my tonsils. i also get those damned tonsil stones like you day after day. i did go a week without though! on the other hand, i have had repeated infections.. to the point i'd go days without sleep or food. my whole life has been one infection after another.. mainly strep but others that docs had no clue about, called it viral, and sent me home with more drugs.
you are lucky that you're not suffering infections. although it's my understanding that the tonsil stones pretty well are a sort of infection? at least that's how i've come to know it by. my ent gave me the option of first gargling salt water.. and if that didn't work then to remove them. my ent is also somewhat of a quack so i went back in and just told him to remove them. i think in the end i wouldn't have had much choice because even with gargling salt water i still had tonsil stones and still had my breathing problem and i've had that since last november..
does this affect your breathing or sleeping? or what you eat? i know that with these stones, for whatever reason and i've only just found out, i can't eat pickles! i also seem to randomly choke on other foods but pickles for one i can't get down. i think you just have to judge how it's affecting you right now and if you're able to deal with it day to day. i can't pick out my stones because i start bleeding, gag and puke.. so really my only solution is to remove them unless i constantly want to have some random guk back there which grosses me out enough as it is.
sorry i can't be more help. like i said, you need to judge how you can fair out with this.. i think that's what matters more.

wiltingflower 05-23-2006 01:29 PM

Re: Scared to death of surgery but scared about what it is these tonsils are doing
I have not had any problems eating or sleeping in the least. In fact if I didn't get into such a stupid habit of investigating and cleaning my tonsils daily (infection last september made me paranoid) then I wouldn't even feel the tonsilliths. Even if I go a week without 'peaking' they will be there when I look. And in great form one right after another. It just amazes me how many people have these and it amazes me more that so many people get tonsils removed because of them but now I am starting to see why. It is a very annoying concept indeed. But you are right in the end I make the choice. The last ENT left that up to me. He said just call him if I ever feel I want it done. But he mostly thought I would want it if I thought I had bad breath issues going on which in my mind I dont feel I do. And I have asked the one closest to me so...*shrug* Right now I am just getting info from fellow sufferers since I do have time to make up my mind. It's not a medical emergency just a nuiscance I realize. I just don't know why all of a sudden they are popping up so much more frequently I guess.

megaroo83 05-23-2006 03:14 PM

Re: Scared to death of surgery but scared about what it is these tonsils are doing

My ENT was like "Either go through more infections for the rest of your life or get surgery". So, I got surgery. And yes.. it was 3 weeks of hell, but wow... its great now.

I suffered from tonsil stones randomly. I got them and I randomly gagged on them since they never really came loose.

Then from December until April (when I got them removed), I had constant tonsilitis. WHite gunk on my tonsils, super swollen, 3 rounds of antibiotics did not make them go away. It was gross. I technically had "chronic cryptic tonsilitis" so, the infection would never go away.

Its weird to not have to deal with all that garbage.

So, I recommend getting them out.

andvari 05-23-2006 08:12 PM

Re: Scared to death of surgery but scared about what it is these tonsils are doing
that's what i was diagnosed with.. chronic cryptic tonsilitis. he gave me an altimatum of salt water or remove them.. i chose the lesser of 2 evils first then went on to removing them since this doesn't seem to be going away.
for whatever reason my tonsil stones have been much worse lately too. don't know if it's the weather that's causing it or not. but either way, i think if what you have is same as mega and me.. then getting your tonsils removed will probably be the only thing you could do to get rid of it.

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